Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Coming Soon!

Well, then. It's started. The process. The blog. Watch this space. I am pretty excited to see how this all turns out.

By process, I mean the decision to take the egg donor route towards pregnancy and maybe, hopefully, a baby.

Besides adoption, this is really the only option available. Back in the day, they didn't freeze eggs or discuss future fertility issues with kids with cancer. My doctors had the great idea to pull my ovaries behind my uterus to shield them from radiation. And I said sure, why not. The reasoning made sense to my 12 year old mind. The result? One ovary is shriveled, crunchy, dry. The other, M.I.A. Seriously. Years of ultrasounds, X-rays, scans cannot find the sucker. It's a mystery.

So here we are. Counting down the days until our first full consultation, just a few weeks away.