Sunday, March 5, 2017

Her Only Solace Was Action

[h/t to Delenn for inspiring the title]

After the March, we made a vow to ourselves to engage in at least one act of resistance each week. One march, one campaign, one outreach….Well, life happens. Late nights at work happen. Cranky pre-schoolers happen. Exhaustion happens.

Nice excuses, m. How great that you have the option NOT to take to the streets.

I know. I know. What it comes down to is this: engaging in the March was a real anomaly for me. I don’t like crowds; they make me nervous. And public marches, rallies, demonstrations whatever you’d like to call them, are pretty limited in their effectiveness, in my opinion. And that’s even before the body you’re trying to influence discounts them and claims everyone’s been paid.

Still waiting for that check. I know you are too. Especially if you saved up for the flight, the babysitter, the days off work…what an insult.

So here’s where I am now. I’ve been searching for meaningful ways to engage. To use my skills and experience in a way that might re-balance the power dynamic and negate the awfulness that’s been empowered by the Administration.

1.) I signed up for my local chapter of Indivisible – their guide is an excellent grassroots primer, and local groups are mobilizing everywhere. See if there’s one in your neighborhood.

2.) I’m going to a Swing Left event this afternoon to see how we can get a little bit of sanity back in the House in 2018. That feels like a world away, but it will be here before you know it. So action starts now.

Don’t see this as a full on endorsement of the Democratic Party, because it’s not. There’s a shit ton of housecleaning that needs to occur there. But we have to start somewhere. I’m starting at a neighbor’s house at 2 pm this afternoon. Check their website to see where the closest swing district is to you.

Lastly, have you seen this resource: It’s beautiful, and no small feat. As someone who used to try to coordinate grassroots advocacy, finding when and where Town Halls are being held is some sort of magic. I want to reach out to the team that put this together and place a big wet kiss on their cheeks (with full consent, of course). Bravo, friends. And thank you.

Town Halls don’t have to be contentious. Like your legislator? Tell them. Appreciate the work they’re doing? Let them know and encourage them to DO MORE. Be MORE vocal. Give them cover for the hard work they’re going to have to do. Give them a reason to resist too.

I’m feeling slightly hopeful this morning. I hope there are some glimmers of hope for you too.

As the Swing Left website says, Don’t Despair. Mobilize.