Friday, January 20, 2012

Getting Social

I tread this fine line between most of you knowing me (as in, my real name) but not all of you. Some of my IRL friends and colleagues knowing this is my space, but most not. Between guarding my privacy here but letting a link to the real world slip out now and then (but usually not the other way round.) I love for you to know me here first, and then elsewhere. And I always do a private happy dance when one of you finds your way to my FB and friends me. But I'm not too keen on that becoming a reverse trend - others from other circles finding their way into here. Oohh look! It's a post about me! Oooh errr, ah, hmmm.

But I've been bugged about not using all of the tools that are available to me to share what I want to say. For the most part, I'm pretty proud of what I've written (and what I write) here and I wouldn't mind it having a larger audience. Especially when the conversations are important. So, I've finally done what most of you did ages ago - created a new FB page solely for the Maybe Baby blog, along with a shiny new twitter handle.

Ta da!!

If you are friends/followers with me on those spaces under different names, please stay! You'll miss my political rants, I know you will! This isn't an attempt to slice this chunk of my life away from there - it's an attempt to get myself a little more out there without completely revamping my existing spaces and cleaning out the lobbyists and the legislators and the work colleagues and the local peeps and everyone else that doesn't need to be up in this business.

So, please consider joining me in these new spaces. And if you'd like to link or list or favorite, please know you are welcome to do so. And thank you.

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