Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spoiler: No baby yet.

I love americana. Love it. Love. It. I love small towns, big cities, little havens, sprawl. Pretty much everything about my lovely country. The majestic bits as well as the quirky. I haven't seen every nook and cranny of it yet, but I think I've seen a lot.

And I have to say the drive between where we call home and where we are now is the longest, most painfully boring, nondescript, landscape one could possibly ask for. All 15 hours of it. Toll route. Non-toll route, avoiding highways....between this sprint and our previous visit, we've tested all options (pttttghthh). That's me. Blowing a raspberry.

But now, here we are. We are here. Here are we. In a town that we LOVE. Waiting for news. Not much is happening today. But yesterday, L felt like she was heading into labor. So I am so, so happy she called. I know she probably thought long and hard about when to bring us into the mix in case it was a false alarm. Again, reason #4321 why we love our surrogate. She errs on the side of caution and inclusion. Thank you, lady. I would rather be here than not be here.

M and I both have our computers and a handful of things to get done before this ride begins. We'll work from here as long as we can. Just to wrap up lose ends. Get people access to what they need while we're gone. All that. You would not believe the gorgeous hotel we scored on priceline or what we are paying for it. ($45/night holla!) nice rooms, sweet gym, can I get a hot tub? Why yes, yes you can. Now that we are here, we are content to just be until BBB decides to be here with us.

Just to be safe, L is giving her doc a call first thing in the morning to see what he thinks about all the activity yesterday, and if he thinks things are still on schedule, or if BBB is nudging his way to us a little sooner. She invited us along to the appointment so we may even get a sneak preview of our little kicker before his birthday.

Oh you feisty little thing.


Heather said...

Have you ever driven across Nebraska? In my book that is THE worst drive in this country. Eastern North Dakota is a close second.

Even if you have to wait a week or two, I'm glad you are where you are. And I have to say I'm rather curious as to where in the Midwest this is all going down. If you are within a couple hours of St Paul MN, and you do find yourself with downtime and looking for a running buddy let me know!

Dude, I'm so excited for you!

luna said...

oh I'm so glad you're there and you can breathe and relax (or try) and BE there when things start REALLY happening. oh wow, YOUR SON is going to be born SOON!

Em said...

Does life get more exciting than this? I don't think it does. SO thrilled for you already. Can't wait to hear about your little boy!

JP said...

This is amazing! He is so very close!