Friday, April 13, 2007


Have I jinxed anything by picking up a handful of free parenting/mom-to-be/babytalk mags that are lying around my ob/gyn's office like candy?

I couldn't help it. I am fascinated. I have never ever ever even cracked one of these publications open. Today, my doctor was running a little late. I needed something to read. Before you know it, I had devoured one. Cover to cover.

Good lordessa, this whole pregnancy thing is fascinating. My body would do what? I can't decide if I am even more excited or slightly repulsed.

What I do know is that my back is killing me. Yesterday morning I had the brilliant idea to take a yoga class instead of my usual a.m. battle of wills against the elusive elliptical.

It seems that I am NOT a yoga kind of person.

I have no idea what I did. None of the moves were all that taxing. Frankly, the whole hour was pretty damn boring. Sun salutations, fine. Stretching, breathing, fine. Listening to the instructor talk about what yoga means to her, wasn't really feeling it. Laying on the floor in savasana for over 5 minutes focusing on the here and now and finding peace with existence and not thinking just, sorry. This just isn't for me.

If anything, I probably need less time for introspection and dwelling on the present. I don't think I can get any more self-aware. And, you know, I'm not ok with the present, the here, the now. Me, I 'm looking towards the future. I already know what is. I want to dream about what will, maybe, perhaps, be.

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Anonymous said...

I have ADD and yoga is too damn slow for me.
And I agree, I obsess about too much when I'm quiet and focused.
No thanks.