Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Thank you Easter Bunny - bwak bwak

My mother’s Easter feast (aka have some ham with that salt, some noodles with that gob of cheese and how about a little bread with that wad of butter) has left me out of sorts. Ever since Sunday all I want to do is sleep, and then sleep and then maybe take a little nap.

I blame the kielbasa.

But besides my present lethargy, we escaped from Sunday dinner relatively unscathed. The family function was fine. Uneventful even.

Which is hilarious to me, since just about everyone around the table is dealing with some significant life events. We just don’t care to talk about them with each other. My brother and I, for once on amicable terms, are trying to deal with some new discoveries about our sets of birth parents. Meanwhile, he’s on new meds, reassessing his life and contemplating tossing out his (very young and not that bright) live-in girlfriend. My aunt is seemingly engaged to some guy she just met on eHarmony. Us, well, you know the score. And we are all placing bets on the fact that my 19-year old cousin is pregnant.

Yet, my father asks, “So, what’s new?”


“Anything exciting going on?”


“You guys got any plans for the spring.”


Around the table it goes. And then we get to hear for the umpteenth time about the time oh so long ago when he pretended to be Santa Claus and rang some bells outside the house and my brother and I nearly busted our bedposts trying to jump into them fast enough. I think I made him mad when I promised to do something really scandalous so he could have a new story to tell at holiday dinners. I thought it was very funny. As did my brother. I crack myself up.

But as you can tell, I’m not that interested in telling my parents what’s what just yet. They’ll be plenty of time for that. And anyway, after a quick start, I’m feeling a little stalled. I’m waiting for my gyn appointment this Friday (the 13th! Ack.) and then hoping she can help me schedule an HSG to make sure this uterus is made for birthin’. Until then, life goes on as usual. Nothing new and exciting to report. We’ll just have to suffer through the broken bedpost story a few more times.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like your Easter went by without drama, that's always good. *wink*
Mine was alright.
You mentioned birth parents, are you adopted?
I ask because I am.
I understand not wanting to talk to the folks about it yet. I started a new blog to hide my donor egg experience. Obviously I don't have any ovaries so they'll know when I get pregnant that I used donor eggs, but I just don't feel like discussing it until I get to that point.
I wrote you back, sorry it took so long. With the Easter holiday, I've been off. I generally write back to emails immediately, I'm psycho like that.