Saturday, May 17, 2008

What's in There?

This morning hubby and I were lounging in bed, enjoying a lazy Saturday morning, taking bets on what exactly that little camera is going to find when it goes up in me on the 3rd.

He says aliens.

While that's funny, I doubt any pesky E.T.s would have escaped previous ultrasounds and tests.

My money's on finding a huge set of sharp teeth where my endometrium should be, ready to devour any unsuspecting embryos we place in its path. A deeper variation on vagina dentata.

And see, here is where you really need the visual I provided. I'll let you think up your own.

There's still plenty of time to put your wagers in. Any takers?


Lori Lavender Luz said...

Ummmm....Jimmy Hoffa?

m said...

Now that's funny.

And would also explain those extra pounds that have been creeping on.

Nadine said...

Just found your blog! I just did a hysteroscopy (my Hubby thought they would find a spanish gold coin in there instead of aliens). All they found was a little scar tissue and a thin lame uterus. Well Good luck!

stacyb said...

i don't think i can trump Jimmy Hoffa -- although my bet is on the aliens because they are smarter than us.