Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Evening Funnies

"So, are you ready to play Sid and Nancy?"


"I am shooting you up tonight, right?"

Hardy har. Thanks hubby. Meanwhile, I am perplexed with this question: How am I supposed to be a good earthy crunchy when I need to purchase an entire package of saran wrap for the sheer purpose of wrapping the corner of my ass with it? Hmm?? Oh sure, some of you hearty ladies will tell me I can forgo the emla cream (and its requisite wrap) and go bareback for my PIO shots...

That's not gonna happen.


Anonymous said...

forget the saran wrap...get the endometrin!!!

m said...

oh dear duck, I did NOT mean to make the shots sound worse than they are. :( It's not so bad.

You don't HAVE to put any cream on your ass, but some of us wussies choose to. It's just a numbing cream and really, you just need a little smear, like the size of a half dollar, but you do need to cover it for a few minutes and if your cream doesn't come with anything to do that(mine didn't) then they recommend using saran wrap or something similar. I think more so so it doesn't get all over the place. Then you wipe of the cream, bend your sweet self over and have your hubby or significant other stick it to you, as it were.

But pretty, what is this endometrin that you speak of?? Tell me more!

DC said...

So I guess my goal is to stalk you on all your blogs. ;) My problem is deciding which one I should add to my blogroll!

I am super lucky because my RE doesn't believe in PIO; he thinks the suppositories are just as effective. If I did have to do the shots, though, I would TOTALLY use the numbing cream!!

Good luck!!!

Kami said...

Yeah for PIO shots! You are just that much closer!

Anonymous said...

I used ice, and I didn't feel a thing. I mean, I literally could not tell when the needle went in. I always iced the spot for a good 2 minutes before hubby did the shot. The first time, I was laying there scared to death and yelled at him to quit prolonging it and just do it, and he said, "What are you talking about ... it's already done." Oh, ah, I see. So that ice really works.

stacyb said...

hiya M....just checking in... hope your butt is feeling umm, less prickly...i also used ice. helped a little.

daisy said...

Can't comment much or blog much these days, but I am a daily reader. So just know I am out here pulling for you sweetie! Daisy XO