Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oh the Suspense...

It's awful, isn't it?

Of course, the barren b*tch in me can't decide whether my high beta yesterday is FABULOUS, or cause for concern.

So, I spent 2 am to 4 am last night perched in my recliner reading since sleep was obviously not coming and I didn't want to give hubby another sleepless night.

And now, I am watching the clock and waiting for the phone to ring. Hoping that I can close out FN with a positive post about the future to come.

Please be 1000+. Please.

BTW, thanks so much to all who commented (de-lurkers: nice! mommies of multiples sharing numbers: oh my stars... familiar names and beloved friends: great goddess, I love you!) What a blessing to be able to come here and know that I am not alone.


michelle said...

Nothing like a little "light" reading of Dostoyevsky from 2AM- 4AM ;)

I am hoping you get good news soon....chanting 1000+ for you here in Boston

Stacie said...

Keeping fingers crossed that the number doubles--come on 1000!

Nadine said...

hope the number is good.

m said...

Thanks all. It's 8 pm. obviously, no numbers to report tonight. Hopefully I'll have news first thing in the morning - Nurse is awesome like that. But I am definitely feeling MORE nervous today than I was yesterday.

@Michelle, I actually think Dostoyevsky can be hilarious. I think it's the Eastern European in me. But I actually did giggle last night - which is what woke hubby and caused him to gently escort me back to bed.

Anonymous said...

My betas were kind of high and my doc said that if it were a molar pregnancy the betas would be REALLY INSANELY high, not just gosh that's high. If the nurse didn't say anything I would go with fabulous!

Soapchick said...

De-lurking to say Congrats. I've been reading your blog for months, but not sure if I ever commented before - maybe I did eons ago. Anyway I am absolutely thrilled for you and praying those numbers keep doubling!