Friday, August 8, 2008

A Sigh of Relief

Is in order this morning.

Beta #2 (16 days post transfer).......1631.

An ultrasound is scheduled for the 14th.

Happy, elated, shocked, joyous, cautious, optimistic, stunned. I'm not quite sure how I am supposed to feel this morning because I have never been in this situation before. Where the future is full of possibilities. Plural.

I personally think the clincher, what convinced these dude(s) to stick around, was our field trips to go see pro-wrestling, The Hieroglyphics in concert and another great band during the two week wait, the whole time rubbing my belly and saying, "see little guys! This is what you have in store! Good times, man! Good times!"

And maybe the removed polyp and readjustment of progesterone and alterations to my meds helped a little too.

I'm not saying I'm going to post a baby widget on this here blog anytime soon. But I can tell you I have one bookmarked and have been sneaking peeks at it for the last few days.

Oh wow. This is crazy.


~Hollie said...

WOOO HOOOO!! Awesome #'s girlie! (doin the cha cha) (throw in some cabbage patch, lil moonwalk, etc)
Keep Positive! Enjoy every moment!


Kami said...

All smiles for you! I love that you have been sneaking peeks at the baby widget.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! =) When I checked out the link about HCG levels (did I mention that I LOVE that you have SO much knowledge and provide such easy access to it? I<3U) I did see that one cause for them to be high is multiples... I'm just sayin'. =) If you and the tiny ones wanna swim next week I'm open after my Rhonda visit Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Did I mention that my ON at Capital city has additional 50% off all their baby stuff today through Sunday? =) Sorry. I'm a pimp. Can't help it.


DCat said...

Such wonderful, wonderful and encouraging news!!!!!


Midlife Mommy said...

Go you! (or you two, or you three?)

Anyway, congrats!

Lori Lavender Luz said...


So happy for your looooong awaited news.

Anonymous said...

Hello again.

Congrats to you for the great numbers! My beta numbers were very similar to yours. 800+ at 14 days post transfer. and 1600 at 16 days post transfer. i also wonder about multiples. My ultrasound isn't until the 20th.


Nadine said...

Congrats that it's implanted! Fabulous news. I will have to move you over to the knocked up list.
take care

Summer said...

Yes, but such a GOOD kind of crazy!

Here's hoping the good news continues from here on out.

michelle said...

Yip Yip Yay! 1631 is such a wonderful number! Enjoy every moment!

Skerry said...

Thanks for checking in and leaving a comment. I am sooo happy for you! Looking forward to an exciting U/S update about your little bean.

Stacie said...

Even better news! I am beyond happy for you. Congratulations on the awesome betas, and I can't wait until you post about that ultrasound!

nancy said...

YAY!!!! Freaking FanTabBulous!!!

Amy said...

You're exactly right - it is crazy. Do you feel like it's not real? I feel like maybe I'm making it up and my powerful thoughts turned the tests positive.

Congrats - that's a fabulous beta. Here's hoping we both have healthy pregnancies with healthy babies!

nancy said...

I know I already commented, but I reread your post and had something more to say.

Those baby widgets. Before I was pregnant, I'd post about how freaking creepy they were. Even later on in the pregnancy, seeing those floating babies bumping into the sides of the circle, well, it would skeeve me out.

In my posts tought, I would definitely agree it could all be pure jealousy!

And then I got my BFP. I salivated over it. And what did I go and do? Put that widget straight on there. Heh. I'll still say they creep me out, but when it was my turn, I definitely didn't want to get out of line! :)

stacyb said...


Just Me. said...

Congrats!!!! I freaked out too when I poas and saw a BFP!!! It's something that I've been longing for so long. And I am still freaking out.

Congrats. Enjoy the moment.

Skerry said...

Thanks again for stopping by...I followed my heart and stayed at home snuggled in bed till I was starving and needed food. Here's hoping for a great week for both of us.

Fate's Granddaughter said...

I have been reading your blog for months (without commenting, sorry!) and I couldn't be more excited for you!

I know it's odd coming from a stranger, but I have really been rooting for you. Good luck, I will be eagerly anticipating further good news!

dana said...

Wahoo! Yay!! That's awesome!! Wow. Just wow! HUGE numbers!!!