Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday To Do List - Status Report

On my work calendar is a glorious strip of pink. That's the code for "I'm off. Don't bug me." In the days between now and 2012 I will be:
  • Backing up 433 blog posts. Thanks for the reminder, Mel. [update: DONE!]
  • Cleaning out 4810 emails from my work inbox. Ridiculous. [well, um, yeah, I haven't gotten very far on that. Down to 4,779. But plan to git busy after I ingest my black eye peas and collard greens tomorrow.]
  • Securing a new surrogacy agency. First consult is today at 11. [oh, guys, good feeling about this. We've been working on our paperwork and new profile all weekend.]
  • Catching up on volunteer tasks and commitments [Done. Kinda. Sent a few emails and tweets at least.]
  • House hunting. Yeah, it's on. [Saw 2 houses on Friday. Both nice, neither killer. The quest continues.]
  • Breaking in my NEW BOOTS [Done and holy shit, kids: with these on, I am almost eye to eye with M. His response: "wow, you're finally as tall as you think you are."]
  • Making pasta [yeah. didn't happen.]
  • Attempting to use our new pressure cooker without damage to self or kitchen. [that one either. I did, however, clean out and reorganize our kitchen pantry. That counts for something, right?]
  • Writing resolutions, well, I'll think about it at least. [still thinking.]
  • Year-end posts. That too. Probably a good idea, but well, 2011 kind of sucked ass (except for that Australia part. That rocked). [Working on it. Got some great ideas from Lavendar Luz and Loribeth. Stay tuned....]
How's about you? Any plans for the final days of 2011?

Happy New Year, everyone! We're settling in for a night indoors. Video games, a new felafel recipe, and a cozy couch are helping us say farewell to this year and ring in the next. Hoping you're all safe and warm and happy.


Anonymous said...

I started clearing the 450 emails in my personal inbox and hit a brick wall when I got down to 250. Good luck with your 4000+!!!!

I want to spend the next few days setting some intentions for the New Year, not resolutions, but outcomes. This is my year for a baby. Hear that universe?

And get on top of my lagging-behind-since-September admin. It MUST happen...

Tina said...

your boots are ridiculously cute, what designer are they?

Tina said...
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Carla said...

hope the new agency works out! Best wishes to you and your husband!

m said...

Lucky: I like that! Intentions, not resolutions but outcomes. Beautiful, and a much better approach. 2012 is our year for a baby as well! We set some new wheels in motion today. Got that universe??

Tina: nine west. And don't look now but they are 60% off on their site. (grr for me, but go get yours!) warning: they're a bit high, but seem to be pretty stable and comfy.

Thank you, Carla! It's actually one you know well :-) and if first impressions can be trusted, we both have a very nice feeling about it. Fingers crossed.

nancy said...

rock on. You'll be happily busy. Me? I'm just working everyday. No days off for a contractor.

Catherine W said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those boots. Seriously. I wonder if I can get them here in the UK?

Good luck with all your plans and I'm so glad to hear that you both have a good feeling about the new agency xo