Thursday, January 24, 2013


65 more days until ETA. I can barely sleep. When I'm not dreaming of the rockstar cupcakes that apparently we are getting for The Shower, I'm dreaming of me and M and BBB spending the night in the world's worst B*st W*estern (which, in itself is hilarious since I haven't stayed in a BW since I was a kid on holiday with my thrifty parents).

In that particular dream, we had a crappy hotel room attached to the hotel lobby with a bathroom out in the hallway, also attached to the lobby. the bathroom was so tiny there was barely enough room to sit on the toilet without your knees grinding against the opposite wall, and constructed so poorly you could actually see into our room, the lobby and the game room in the basement below by peeking through the cracks in the walls and the floor.

Sidenote: do you worry when you dream about bathrooms and toilets? Do you wake up and think, oh crap, did I pee the bed? I do. (think it, not actually pee the bed. So far....)

Back to the dream: We were obviously in a hotel room since we were bringing BBB home. But instead of being a few days old infant, he had suddenly fast forwarded to fussy toddler stage, and for some reason, kept wanting to take off his diapers and walk around naked. In the hotel.

"BBB, why don't you have any pants on?"

"I don't knowwwwwwwww!!!" he would wail. Like he just found himself in that predicament and had no idea what to do about it.

"Well, how about this - why don't we put them back on?"

"Okaayyyyyyyy" he would sniff and acquiesce. And I would laugh. And M would roll his eyes and chuckle. And then we'd continue to hang out in our crappy hotel room.

At one point, BBB was pantless, again, and peed all over the bed. His little pee pee spraying everywhere. And I remember thinking, you know what? Awesome. Good. There  you go, crappy hotel room. That's our gift to you. Let's blow this joint. And we did.

And we ran to the parking lot together and laughed and laughed.

Me and M and BBB. Against the world. Or at least crappy hotels. That dream, days later, still has me in a good mood.

Last night, my dreams were a mix of awesome and suck. One part just had me hanging out with infant BBB, crouched over him on the floor. My hair kept hanging down and tickling his face. I was just stroking his sweet skin. I could dream that over and over again. Other parts were based on The Shower. Again. (Sorry! I've never had a shower for anything before. I never even go to them. So this whole thing is a thing of mystery and awe for me.) In one section of The Shower dream, our shower got mixed in with a Mexican wedding reception. And our cupcakes were interspersed with Mexican taco stands and actual venders selling the most awesome fried awesomeness.

I kept thinking. Oh gosh, I hope no one notices. We definitely got the better end of this deal. I brought over a cupcake to one of the vendors that had just fried me up something spectacular when M wasn't looking.

In another part of the same shower dream, there was a lot of suck. M's dad called from the car to tell me that he and one of his lawyer friends looked over the parentage paperwork that our attorney prepared and found this and this and this wrong with it and as a result weren't really sure whether BBB was legally ours or not...Cue me screaming, yelling, crying, hanging up, but not before saying, you couldn't wait 2 hours to tell me this? You had to tell me minutes before I walk into a room of people to celebrate our family? WTF you guys? 

So, the excitement. It's not without a little anxiety.

65 more days, y'all. 65 more days....Can you stand it? I can't stand it. 

the best GC in the world is doing great. She reports BBB is head down and still squirming. For the record, the running streak streaks on. 193 days strong, albeit some limited mileage these days. Damn you winter. Bring on the spring. Bring on BBB.


Lollipop Goldstein said...

Cracking up over the taco-stand-baby-shower showdown. I am so excited for you guys. I imagine you are 100-fold of what I'm feeling for you, hence the lack of sleep. Sending coffee.

Smiling said...

wow.. I love the running numbers go up, but not nearly as much as the BBB arrival/wait time going down (gradually at the normal schedule of things of course....)

and I am not much for signs, but THIS IS A SIGN YOU NEED TACOS AT YOUR PARTY.. clearly. obviously. showers can be weird for some people, but showers with TACOS -- now that is a winning idea!!!!

At least that is my interpretation as the girl who goes straight from PDX to the taco stand when I fly home.

Anytime you want a time -zone challenged running mate or taco eating buddy, I am THERE! both activities together, in sequence, you got it:) watch the kid while you run or eat tacos, no problem:) well minus my GPS coordinates!!

congrats.. I am getting so excited for you guy. I have all these hopes and images of you guys laughing together as a fun loving family of 3 :) and may the hotel chain be the minor-est of minor characters in your real life:)

JP said...

You are getting the strange dreams like all expectant moms I've ever heard of. I am so excited for you and M.

Hope's Mama said...

Nearly there.....
I can't wait.

m said...

Tacos DO sound good, don't they?!? Maybe I'll mention this omen to the shower coordinators....

Thanks so much for sharing in this excitement. We never got to this level of anticipation with the girls. It is wonderful and new and life-affirming.

TracyOC said...

I read this post ages ago and failed to comment...glargh!

There's so much that I could say but it all really boils down to this--I'm pretty dang excited about BBB.

Hoping hard for a safe arrival and many, many years of adventures for the three of you.