Monday, July 8, 2013

Back at It

I'm really glad I didn't hit send on the post that's been lingering here in the drafts for the last few weeks. I'm looking at it now and meh, it's just me sleep-deprived and bitching. There's no need to bitch. It's all good.

I'm back to work. Week one is down. Sure, it was a three-day work week, but still. Did it. Done.

Now it's week two. There are no holidays to save me. And even with my awesome MIL offering an extra day of coverage, I still need M to take some hours off work to watch D since my office scheduled a last minute meeting for me to chair this Friday.

Because child care grows on trees and is really, really easy to coordinate.

I can't complain too loudly. The transition back hasn't been as bad as it could be. I still have a job. People are happy to see me. And I'm starting with a clean slate - if you still need me to do something from three months ago, you're gonna need it bad enough to ask me again. I've erased most of my email and task lists.

A clean slate, and a new attitude. Nothing in the office is earth-shattering. Nothing is life or death. There is nothing contained in those walls that matter more than my time with D. and M. When I'm on the clock, I'm on. And focused and giving 100%. I promise. When I'm off, leave a message. There are other things on my mind.

Like childcare for D. We're patching it together now with help from family and a little bit of flex in our work schedules. But I'm wondering how long that can last. My office has already (completely predictably) shown its disregard for my calendar. How often can I expect that to happen before I need to bring a paid component into the mix?

It really does take a village, doesn't it? Especially since the United States has its head up its ass when it comes to maternity/paternity leave, or creating and sustaining any kind of policies to allow families to have babies AND participate in the workforce/economy in meaningful ways.

Focus on the family my ass.

Ok see, I'm getting cranky again. I should sign off. And really, my ire towards the politics and working conditions in this alleged first world nation deserves its own post, with some supplemental material. Links, research, annat.  I've been reading some great books I need to tell you about. Alas, no time for that this morning. My conference call is ending and now I need to multitask a few different things.

Like finding some coffee.

How are you? If you're stateside, did you survive the long weekend of explosives? We had four days of it. You? Honestly, does any country enjoy pyrotechnics more than the U.S.? I have to think we'd feel very differently if rockets' red glares were a common part of our evening skies, like they are in other parts of the world right now.

Just sayin'.

Do you miss Google Reader? Did you make the transition gradually or was it a last minute, oh shit, what's that other app called again, kind of jump? Where are you reading me now? You are still reading, right? :-)


Esperanza said...

I'm glad the first week wasn't too bad. I'm glad that for now you have childcare lined up. And I'm glad that being back at work has had some positive moments.

I had a great week away with family. It really was wonderful and I was gone long enough (nine days) that it's kind if weird to be home.

I did make the jump from GR at the last minute. Now I'm on Feedly which I like except that I can't seem to comment most of the time through their reader so I'm having to open posts in Safari which adds two unnecessary steps. I hope I can figure out how to change that. Also I haven't even looked into what their computer or iPad interface looks like, as I've been away and on my phone since July 1st.

I hope the rest of the summer goes well.

Anonymous said...

I'm also on Feedly though, like Esperanza, I have to open the post to comment. It works though and I can email from it which is nice. If you're using an iPad, it's a very easy to use interface.

The US system of after-baby work return is entirely too heartless for my tastes. We only had 6 weeks of leave - and of that, much was unpaid - before we had to go back to work and we work at state university. I hope it's better for other folks but it sadly seems to be the norm around here for healthy births. At eight weeks we turned our daughter over to a day care and though it was anxiety inducing at the time it was the best solution for us. And she's a pro at going to school now!

Monique said...

Glad your first week back was a short one and relatively painless. I just started my first week back last week too (mind you, after a year off - thank you Canada). I honestly don't know how you guys do it down there.

Still reading and loving the pics. xo

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Maternity leave is the US is pitiful. My husband will get absolutely NOTHING and will have to use vacation time in order to spend time with his first child. Ridiculous.

I'm also using Feedly which seems to be just fine.

m said...

I'm on the Feedly too and so far, so good. I've been using it primarily on my Android since that's the device that I can access the quickest/easiest with babe in arms. I'm not as distraught as I thought I would be. But my commenting has probably suffered.

Re Maternity Leave - oh dudes, I've got a rant a-bubbling. I too got NOTHING. Zero - but I was graciously allowed to use the sick and vacation time that I have accumulated, and for that I am supposed to be infinitely grateful - I was pretty much told as much. M used two weeks of vacation time but didn't dare take more since his office is in a bit of a transition phase and he didn't want to be absent while there were so many power plays/positioning happening around him. I'm hoping he feels able to take days here and there now: a.) to enjoy big D and b.) to give me some child care relief on days others can't.

Dear nonsequiter - that blows chunks. :-( and counting, it IS heartless. There are very few allowances made for non-traditional birth/baby stories (with the exception of FMLA if your employer is large enough to have to offer that) but unpaid, that can only last so long.

Dear Monique - welcome back, and I hope it doesn't sting too badly. I'm glad you're still here. Will post more pics soon.

Alicia said...

I've thought so much about this subject before ... going back to work with a tiny infant. As a Canadian, it shocked me when I first realized that my US counterparts were back to the grind after 3 months. As an adoptive mama, I get 9 months, which still leaves me feeling a bit short changed (moms who give birth get 12 months).

Loved this post!

nicoleciomek said...

I lived in Canada for 5 years, I always thought they had a much saner maternity/paternity leave policy: 3 months to the mom, then 9 months to mom or dad, and you basically go on unemployment for that time. There are a lot of things about Canada that I can bitch about, but that, they totally got right.

I am using feedly. It is pretty good, I do miss google reader. But, I am still reading :)

Hope things continue on smoothly for you!

Em said...

I'm so glad that you have family and friends nearby who can help with child care...and flexibility in your work schedules too. How wonderful for little D to be surrounded by so much love.