Monday, August 4, 2014

Mornings with Moo

What? Could it be? My moo?
Much as I love our morning cuddles, there are some days that D just doesn't feel the same. Up at 5:30 ish, bottle, and come on, mommy, quit with the hugs I am ready to GO.

A few weeks ago I had the realization that there's nothing that keeps us inside and mandates a wrecked apartment on those endless mornings. Hang on a minute. Two hours to spare before work. Why aren't we outside?? Why am I not running?? Good questions!

So out came the BOB and on went the shoes and away we went. And it was awesome. In two slooooow miles, I remembered all of the reasons early morning runs rock. Misty river views. Sleepy dog walkers. Greedy groundhogs flopping out of the way. D realized that at the end of our route awaited his beloved Moo.  And that understanding made the whole sitting in the stroller listening to mommy wheeze so, so, worth it.

Behold, the Moo. 

This little gem sits along the river, right outside of our apartment. You can see it from the front window. You can catch a glimpse of it walking out the front door. D adores it. By adore, I mean, anytime you are with him and your body is pointing remotely in the direction of the Moo, D will start to plead and point. Mooo? Mooooooo! and is pretty crushed when its clear that's not your ultimate destination.


The other day, we were chilling with the Moo after a run and some lady in a bike felt the need to tell us, You know, that's NOT what a real cow looks like. And off she sped, leaving me mouth agape (and obviously still annoyed days later) and D oblivious, because, really, what matters more than the Moo? Of course we know what a real cow looks like. Do YOU, lady, understand my son's love of animals and how many we've tried to get him up close and personal with in his short life? Of course you don't. But you did feel a need to insert your holier than thou judgment-filled oh these poor city kids tinged comment as you smugly cycled to work or wherever you were going. To you, lady, I say, mooooooo. 


So, running. I'm attempting to get back track after a long hiatus. A mile here, a jog there, but nothing to prevent my first 2 miles out with D from feeling ugh. Despite that, after a day or two under my belt, I somehow found myself signing up for the next half marathon in my city. A little more than a month away. What? 

I think nostalgia got the best of me. My first (and only) half was ran just days after dad passed away, and done mindfully, with him and I and J guiding my way. It was the most wonderful, focused, meditation I have ever had. And I miss it. And I want it back. So, off we go. Far from  a streak, but I am coming up on a week - 7 consecutive days with at least a mile in the books. And the Moo to cheer me on. 

Look, mom, it's not HARD! Just go!


Lori Lavender Luz said...

Thanks for starting MY morning with a smile!

A big, mooey, smile.

Non Sequitur Chica said...

What a weird comment. I think that it's great that you are running again AND doing it with D. My neighbor gave me a running stroller but I haven't tried it out yet. I will be signing up for a 15K soon so I might as well start breaking it out soon!

Carla said...

Go, girl! That boy of yours is adorable! The cow is beautiful, real or not. Great to see a post! You sound well!

m said...

Thanks, ladies! D and the moo make me smile too. :-)

Non Seq - it was a totally random and weird comment. And I'm still wondering where it came from. Maybe the intent wasn't at all what I read into it, but what was the need to interrupt our quiet time with moo, I wonder?

Carla, what a beautiful little baby you just helped bring into the world!! What lucky parents! Go, girl to YOU!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful post! D is getting so big and is ADORABLE!!!! Good luck with the training! P.S. What an awesome cow!

Unknown said...

People are so weird! Just let the kid enjoy his moo!

Heather said...

Good luck on the half! And happy training; running with a talking/singing/babbling toddler is both a better workout and so very sweet.

loribeth said...

Love the moo!! And I can't believe how BIG D. is!!

Unknown said...

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