Friday, May 25, 2007

Status Report

Strategic Planning Retreat - successful, and more importantly, over

HSG - Over! Results en route to the clinic.

Email received from my nurse practitioner today confirming
  • results of pap, sperm and all other cultures and tests received
  • report from genetic counselor received
  • she'll be looking for the HSG info in the mail
  • and no, the egg transfer does NOT hurt like an HSG
She left me with these little lines:

Let's go over things next week to review next steps. Have a great holiday weekend!!!

Who knows what 'next steps' entail? Is it time to order the meds? Start synchronizing cycles? Put in our final payment? All of the above? My gyn warned me that the clinic might want to do a laparoscopy since the HSG wasn't as thorough as it could have been. I hope not. I think that's a lovely uterus, don't you?

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