Monday, January 21, 2008

I Should Have Listened to You

I couldn't decide whether or not I wanted to tell you this.

Took an HPT this morning and there was only one line.

And while I know that I probably jumped the gun, that it doesn't mean anything just yet, that I probably should have just kept my damn pants on and waited until the beta on Thursday like 8 of you said, I am a little bit of wreck this morning.

I keep vacillating between "I know they are in there and doing well. I just know it," and "Sh*t. F*ck. C*cks*cking motherf*cking @#$## F*ck."

Luckily, Melissa said that better than I this morning.

I'm still feeling optimistic (70% of the time). I had mild cramping all day yesterday which I'm figuring was a.) a good sign of at least one seedling implanting, b.) a bad sign that I don't want to think about or c.) gas.

I just read through all of the comments from this post and am feeling a little better seeing that waiting Amy didn't test positive until 15 dpo and now she's pregnant with twins.

15 dpo will be Wednesday.


Lori Lavender Luz said...

Rooting for Option A.

Kami said...

Keeping everything crossed for you!

Stacie said...

I beleive they are in there doing well! Come on Wednesday...

Drowned Girl said...

Hoping for a +ve!
Hang in there


stacyb said...

yes hang in there. the blood test is the sure way to really know. thinking about you, and will continue to send all good thoughts your way.

stacyb said...

one more thing to add: whenever we were waiting for "the call" i found, at least for me, it was better to turn off my cell phone so that i could turn it on and hear the message when i wanted to hear it instead of waiting with sweaty palms for a ring (we knew the called by a certain time).
somehow this ended up being a better way for me to get news (at our clinic the left good or bad messages not call backs), maybe it made me feel somewhat in control. anyway just wanted to to mention that.

m said...

stacyb, you are the BEST with helpful advice. My cell phone now has daily alarms set to remind me to take my meds as you recommended. Finding small ways to stay in control is really imp to me (I should say us, I think hubby is even more skittish than me) right now.

Thank you all for your positive thoughts. I am still staying positive too.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you this week.