Friday, January 4, 2008


My lining is measuring "7.5" in whatever they use to measure uterine lining. Our clinic's preference is "8" or higher but Nurse is not bothered. "'s splitting hairs. You're fine." She says. We're waiting for the results of my blood test and then she'll call to let me know if I should up my estrogen or leave well enough alone.

Meanwhile, donor is doing just great. She has 24 (24!!!) follicles all maturing nicely. If all goes well, she'll trigger over the weekend, retrieval will probably be Wednesday (Wednesday!!!) along with a visit to the spankatorium for hubby and a quick procedure to put in a stitch for me. If all goes well there, we are planning on a transfer next Saturday. Dizzy. Yes. I am a little dizzy.

While we were at the clinic, we asked Nurse for a quick refresher course on giving the PIO injections. Remember, it's been months since our first lesson and we've had no experience with the big needles as yet.

The first time we sat through this tutorial, I cried. This time, hubby had the tears in his eyes.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! I have been waiting for this good news, so happy to see it!

Tracy said...

How exciting! I found you through Creme de la Creme and clicked over to see how you're doing. You're literally one week ahead of me (I'm also doing a donor egg cycle.)

Best of luck to you over the next few days. I'll be keeping an eye out.

Drowned Girl said...

Good luck!


Stacie said...

24 follie-- that is great! It is getting so close to transfer time...I am so excited for you!

Is your stitch procedure like a cerclage procedure? (I had a cerclage, so I know what that would be like.) It doesn't sound like fun, but if it helps to get you pregnant, I guess it will have to be done.

As for the pio shots, have you tried the projesterone in ethyl oleate? It isn't as thick as the ones in the peanut oil and didn't lump at all for me.

P.S. Oh, your word verification included the word "ma" in it...maybe it is trying to tell us something? :-)

Anonymous said...

How thrilling! I'm so happy. Can't wait to see what this new year will bring you...
*all the luck in the world*