Friday, February 15, 2008

More of Me

It's day 3 of lupron for this here FET cycle. And I'm feeling a little sleepy. More than a little lazy. Which doesn't bode well for my weekend plans. Not as monumentous as last weekend, but fun all the same.

Yes, that's a link to one of my other online projects that I mentioned a few months ago. It doesn't mean I won't be writing here. It just means that now I'm writing more. In fact, as soon as I open my eyelids a little wider, I'll tell you how and why I said thanks but no thanks to a "mock cycle" ending in an endometrial biopsy and opted instead to go full on into our first FET (with a little added pin action).

Talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...

why are you doing lupron when you have no functioning ovaries?
i don't understand?

m said...

rae, great question. And one that I asked my clinic on day 1. They said that they make everyone do lupron as a safeguard - they said that there were times when they skipped lupron in cycles where women had no ovarian function only to find that there WAS some functioning down there after all and it threw the whole cycle off. That was the explanation that we were given: that even if my ovaries were completely removed, they would still ask me to go on lupron for a baseline before starting estrace.