Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Jimmy Ain't Here

No Jimmy Hoffa. No E.T.s snarfing reese's pieces yearning to go home. Here's what the little camera saw:

  • 1 pesky polyp found. Removed. Out! Damned polyp.
  • A little fibroid in an upper right corner - nothing worth removing says doc.
  • All else looks good!

We will no longer insert a stitch for future transfers. Doc did another mock transfer (why not? while you're down there....) and saw no need to irritate my cervix next time since the catheter went in smooth as silk without it. The sedation was wonderful. I nearly kissed the anesthesiologist when I saw him walk in. He asked me if my palms were always that sweaty. I said only in anticipation of seeing you, buddy.

It will take 7-10 days for the biopsy results to come back. But Doc seemed very pleased with all she found and did not find. Even hubby noticed it.

Her optimism is contagious.

Tonight, hubby is tired (it was a long drive and a long day for my patient and waiting partner). I am a little crampy, but happy.

And hopeful? I think we are both feeling hopeful for the first time in a while.


Kami said...

That is all good news. May your hope continue to grow.

Anonymous said...

Oh yay, oh yay. I'm so glad that it wasn't as traumatic as you had thought, and that there was nothing scary up there. I hope you have a restful rest of your week.

Nadine said...

hopeful is good, glad they found something and that it wasn't an alien.

stacyb said...

yippee! great news. i'm glad they found that pesky polyp...optimism is contagious, i'm very optimistic for you too!

DC said...

I'm glad everything went well!! :)

JuliaS said...

Sounds like things went well. My best wishes that optimism is well served!

Thank you for stopping by and leaving kindly words. :0)