Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lemme Tell You What's Going On

Because I just found out.

Sorry for the delay. Nurse is on vacation (fair enough) so there's been a little phone tag between me and the clinic. I am connected with a new cool nurse for the interim and she's done her best to get me up to date on findings and next steps.

Biopsy came back clean = yay

BUT my endometrium wasn't "in phase," meaning, it should have appeared to be in the 23-25th day of my cycle. It was lounging around 18th or 19th. Slacker.

So, we are gearing up for BRAND SPANKIN' NEW FET CYCLE starting with lupron injections on the 23rd. We've got a NEW and IMPROVED protocol which consists of double doses of PIO and oh I can't bear the anticipation progesterone suppositories.


None of this is surprising. I was kind of guessing that was where it was all headed - towards the ickiness that some of you have described oh so graphically (which, frankly, I appreciate). But hey, the good news is, nothing was found that feels insurmountable. We are back on the baby-making train again. We are starting something new, doing things a little different. And I have been working like a MF to get my Qi (chi) and my mind right and ready for babyness.

Now if only my acupuncturist would call me back....


michelle said...

I have just come across your website for the first time (thank you to Blogher for the link). I too am a childhood cancer survivor - a Whilm's Tumor in my left kidney when I was three. Had my left kidney removed and had chemo and radiation and have just heard the news that "well you may not have verymany/any healthy eggs" I am not too surprised it just feels a little different when it is real ya know? it doesn't help that as my doctor put it I am "older" at 36.

I am wondering what kind of cancer you had and how old you were. My husband and I have just started TTC 3 months ago and in order for our insurance to cover any fertility treatments we need to have "tried unsuccessfuly" for 12 consecutive months. Here's to hoping ... for us and for you and your family too!

annacyclopedia said...

Sounds like things are pretty positive, despite the ickiness direction in which you are headed. Glad you sound pretty much at peace with things and that your biopsy was clean. I always find doing things a bit different helps me feel good about where I'm at. Hope it's the same for you.

stacyb said...

good news m! nice to have new protocols, future goopyness aside...
eww is right.

anyway, happy to hear the train will be leaving the station soon.