Saturday, September 13, 2008

Not Quite a Post, More Like a Twitter

How absolutely F*cked up is it that watching Trainspotting just reminded me that it's time for my PIO shot?

In other news, more non-sequiters on the way. Including fun with boric acid and my journey into the 'hood in search of ranch dressing.


nancy said...

Just be happy it doesn't remind you of your early 20s when you were a heroin addict. ;0~

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm heading to the Czech Republic in 10 weeks for IVF/DE. Found your blog while blog surfing. Best of luck to you in your pregnancy! I'll be following your blog.

m said...

Nancy, you are so lucky I swallowed my iced tea before reading your comment. Tea up the nose due to heavy laughter does not feel good. ;-)

Shellie, good luck to you!!! Enjoy your time in the Czech Republic. I would say drink some beer for me, but erm, I guess you can't. Where will you be?