Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Quickie

Had our 18-week OB appointment this morning. Hubby dutifully tagged along, even though he apparently had horrible nightmares the night before. Not so much about the seedlings, more about being eternally separated from me and the seedlings due to catastrophic world events. He actually teared up just trying to describe them to me. And honestly, they sounded horrific.

Needless to say, he wasn't that cheery at the office and maybe even scared the nurse a little with his demeanor.

Other than that, the appointment was fine. Two strong heartbeats - one seedling seemingly annoyed by the pressure of the doppler since it kept squirming around as we tried to count the beats. Gained 4 lbs. since the last visit - "right on target" says the nurse. And when the midwife measured my lump we found it was expanding just above my belly button - a little ahead of schedule but totally normal since there's two in there.

No ultrasound today - we'll have to wait for the uberscan next Wednesday to be peeping toms.

Until then, my homework is to sign up for a prepared childbirth class, find a pediatrician and drink at least a gallon of water a day. The only thing that makes that last pill easier to swallow is my sweet new liter-sized SIGG bottle that we festooned with stickers from our visit to the Bonny Doon winery a few summers ago.

"You can pretend it's chardonnay!" says hubby.

You can laugh all you want, says me. But in fact, I was happy to see him crack a smile.


nancy said...

Oh good. Glad all went well for the "boring" type of appointment it was. And I hope your husband's nightmare begins to lift from his memory.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

"Right on target" are three very beautiful words, aren't they.

Please pass the "Charonnay."

Amy said...

I'm all about pretending it's chardonnay, and I love Bonny Doon. It's good to hear all is well with the two little ones - thanks for the update!

stacyb said...

i can't believe it's already over 18 weeks!

during my pregnancy i carried around a 40 ounce klean kanteen bottle like a security blanket. drank 3 full bottles a day.