Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Just a Bit

So, BlogHer tells me my blog's been dormant for another two weeks.


So, um, whadyawannaknow?

Some things are creeping slowly forward. Other things feel hopelessly stalled (but then I realize I'm being all dramatic. they're not. they just FEEL it). We're playing dodgeball and wouldn't you like to know about that?! Maybe later. Another post. It definitely deserves its own post. Work is kicking my ass. Work is bringing M down, down, down....

Into a state that turns a LOST episode filled with resurrections and time travel into a tenuous and sad precursor of a night with no sleep. Or at least no good dreams. A night of if only's....

Sigh. This babies grieving is hard.

And a W2 really should never, ever, be used to quantify one's own self worth. Or question past decisions. Or wonder if a life not on the corporate path was one you really wanted. (well, yes. IMHO, yes)

But it's not me we're talking about. So I'll just keep my mouth shut and keep on hugging.

And hope we're making a trip to happy hour this fine evening. Cause I sure would like a beer.


Michele said...

Oh hon... sending hugs

annacyclopedia said...

I'm always here listening, even when there's not a whole lot to say or a whole lot you're able to say.

Hope the beer helped - it usually does!

Two Shorten the Road said...

Shit, the corporate path is kind of soulless. I speak from experience because I've never worked for an employer with fewer than 10,000 employees. In fact, right now, I'm not sure if a job could possible BE more corporate than the one I have now. I show up in a suit. I do my job. I go through the motions of drinking the corporate kool-aid. I get stupid certifications I don't believe in. Sometimes I learn interesting things. But creative, it ain't. Enriching? Not so much. Fun? Not particularly, except when random stuff happens like the one time when a chick was walking down the hall and her wrap-around skirt fell off, betraying (in part) that she had tucked her blouse into her nudie nylons. That was fun. Although not so much for her.

I admire the people who have the balls not to be corporate. Truly.

tireegal68 said...

thinking of you. glad to see you. sorry things are hum drum and the whole world of work sounds.. conflicted?
Let's all win the lottery and quit this whole work thing!

Sue said...

Hoping happy hour brought you some happiness. It's always good to hear from you even if you don't have good news.

dana said...

Ah. I did the corporate route straight out of college. And I climbed the ladder, fast. Perhaps too fast. And it took all the air out of me. So I left. Took a pay cut to get more hours out of the office and ended up working for the gov't. And it is bleeding me dry.

I admire those who know exactly what it is they want to do and refuse to fit into the mold (career-wise). I know what I'd love to do...and I know it won't ever happen, for a variety of reasons. And so I do volunteer work with an (unfortunately) much needed org and that keeps me sane.

I saw in your most recent post (yes, I'm too lazy to post another comment. Sue me. ;)) that you did, in fact, make it to happy hour. Good for you. And I commend you for continuing on with your reslutions, bitches they may be at times.