Thursday, February 17, 2011

Check One, Check Two

Today, it seems, has turned into a personal day. A beautiful, sunny, feels like spring personal day.

My intention was to get some volunteer-type stuff taken care (sure I'll do it. of course. why not. yes yes yes....oh shit.) of this morning before going "on the clock" and then to have a full and productive day working from home.

It's noon. The morning has indeed been full and productive - just none of it benefiting my employer. I've decided that's ok. Especially ok since I worked until 10 pm earlier this week. I marked the rest of my calendar day pink (our code for personal day in the office) and continued checking things off my list. And with every check mark I breathe a little sigh and feel a little weight lift.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Life is good.

Maybe I'm just feeling carefree and thankful this morning because I am not in Delaware. Because that's where I thought I would be yesterday when I got the text from my mom saying, essentially, BLOOD CLOT!**

**ok, you need to get out your best Jamaican accent to really make that work.

Apparently doctors had found something a little suspect in dad's lung (besides the cancer) in a pre-op scan yesterday morning. She said he said the docs said head back to the hospital and perhaps plan on staying.

So, half of my brain is mentally packing and checking my calendar to see what I can cancel, what can be rescheduled, how I can get some keys to some out-of-town guests we promised could use the apartment this weekend.

The other half is recognizing that neither mom nor dad are particularly reliable narrators. Add one to the other and, not to be rude, but are we really talking about dad having a pulmonary embolism here? Could there be some misunderstanding? Some jumps to conclusions? Do I get in the car and try to get there before dark on the assumption things are awry, or do I wait for a follow up phone call to get more details, potentially wasting precious time I could be using to get to dad?

Given the narrative history of my parents, I chose the latter.

And thankfully, did not regret it.

Dad is back home. Tired and cranky, probably getting another bout of pneumonia. Hopped up on antibiotics and ticked that the doctors made him drive over god's creation and pack and unpack his bags because of a shadow on the scan.

I heart shadows.

So, a trip to Delaware is still pending, but not one where the 3 hour drive is done in crisis mode. Phew. Fire drill over.

Now, what's next on the list....


Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

I wish I was able to work from home!

Thank goodness your dad is home and doing ok!

TracyOC said...

You should come to the Philly burbs for a visit next.

Glad to hear it was just a shadow.