Saturday, August 11, 2007

Is it me??

I bet you'd like to know what my schedule will be. Gosh, so do I.

I finally emailed Nurse on Friday since I had been expecting her call since Monday, when the clinic said she would call. I thought I sent a pretty benign email asking the usual questions, hi, how are you, do you have any info on my cycle, and by the way dr. somebody called me last week and said that you would call.

Her curt response surprised me. She said, yeah, ok, I'll get back to you next week. You know her [the donor's] protocol will be different this time. Re the doctor's call she said this:

Yes the doctors want to make sure you want to use this donor because of her lack of response. We don't know if she will do any better with another protocol. You have a great weekend too.

Just me, or were those sentence completely unnecessary?

Just in case the several hour consult with our Doctor and the half hour call from the Other Doctor didn't drill into our head that this new protocol may or may not work, Nurse needed to throw in her two cents as well.

Now, in working with Nurse, we have come to realize that she is a glass half empty as opposed to half full kind of gal. But I have never thought of her as being impatient or insensitive and this email struck me as both. And that hurt my feelings. 'Cause I'm sensitive.

And my glass is half full.

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H said...

Hi M,
Thanks for your message on my site can't remember whether I replied!
Glad things are moving forward for you, keeping my fingers crossed.

H x