Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So, to Recap....

2 embies successfully transferred Friday morning.
12 in the freezer. (!!!!)
24+ hours bedrest (which is frigging harder than it sounds).

So now, I'm counting the minutes until I can POAS.

Tell me, when can I pee on the darn stick??

For the most part, everything still feels pretty unreal. Did it really happen? Are there really things inside of me? I mean, we're chatting to the seedlings nightly and you know, begging them to stick around. I definitely subscribe to the "I'm pregnant until proven otherwise" school of thought.

Part of me wants to make that feeling last. The other part, of course, just wants to know.

I had my first flutter of "holy sh*t this is real" this evening when I was coming home from the office. I was thinking to myself, I really shouldn't work so late; I am pregnant.....


Oh, just let me enjoy it.

And take my poll.


Kami said...

I loved your, "Oh, just let me enjoy it." line. It made me laugh.

I don't think you should POAS until 12 days post retrieval. You could get a positive before then, but also more likely to get a false BFN then if you wait until 12 days post retrieval. You could still get a negative at 12 days post and have a viable pregnancy, but less likely. Does that make sense?

I found my midwife via word of mouth. There aren't too many home birth midwives in town - maybe 1/2 dozen if that so once you find one you can ask about others. You could find a doula the same way. Maybe start by doing a google search, asking your OB or even calling birthing centers.

A very good friend and I taught childbirth education classes together and she was my doula when Ernest was born. She will be at this birth too - although I haven't asked her yet. Hmmm . . .maybe I should get to that.

Good luck - I hope these embryos stick!

Stacie said...

I tested on 10 days past retrieval, and then everyday after. I am sick, I know.

So, if you had a blast transferred (5dpo), that means you could test about 4-5 days after transfer.

I am so excited for you!

beagle said...

Wow, that is amazing! (That's a LOT of embryos!)

Good Luck this cycle . . .

Lori Lavender Luz said...

Ooooh. Everything is crossed!!

Are you able to enjoy the rest?

Happy said...

Not testing is the WORST! I find that every morning during that 2 week wait I think, should I test?

Drowned Girl said...

I have everything crossed for you


Anonymous said...

Everything crossed for you!!

Waiting Amy said...

Congratulations on such a great cycle!

As for the POAS, I recommend trying to wait until 12 dpo or 9 dpt (if it was a 3 day). You might see something at 10 dpo, but why toy with yourself. 12 dpo is much more likely to be informative, although I didn't get a positive until 15 dpo, and I'm now pg with twins. You just never know!

Wishing you lots of luck and I'm hoping this is your cycle!

Anonymous said...

okay so i started peeing on a stick 5 days after my 3 day transfer. that equals 8dpo. I got my first positive with afternoon pee (that i held for 4 hours) on 6days after 3 day transfer. I'm so damn excited for you!!! i don't know if you guys have dollar tree out there, but i got my first poz on the dollar tree pee test!!! cheap but GOOD!
omg so excited for you. or as you would say....HOLY SHIT!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats- that's so exciting to have so many on ice. Hopefully for siblings?

Nearlydawn said...

WOW! 12 in the freezer? That's a huge number. :)

I know what you mean about feeling weird knowing there is life trying to take hold inside of you right now. It is surreal, is it not?

Hope you and hubby are enjoying the "what if" stage - I found it hard on my nerves, but kinda fun too.

stacyb said...

wow! what great numbers -- two for you and twelve more on ice...how amazing s that?!

sending sticky thoughts your way. fingers toes and hair crossed for you.

Jen said...

Congrats! And you have a small army on ice! Yay!