Monday, July 28, 2008

I've Been "Retired."

Not me, but two of the blogs that I write for a certain online media company. D*mn.

I'm telling you because one of them was Fertility Notes, a little project that I was pretty proud of. And while I didn't have the highest number of readers on the channel, my readers were the best. I really don't think that (with a few exceptions) the other blogs had the kind of personal and, sorry advertisers, sometimes painful points of view FN had. We laughed, we cried. We shared free stuff.

But apparently, our wombs and what's (not) in them don't translate to big online ad money.

Which is a little shocking to me. I thought us infertiles were cash cows.

Part of me is a little relieved. While I turn here to cleanse my soul. To rant, to rave, to find you, FN was feeling more and more like a job, and that's really not what I had wanted. Not having that added responsibility gives me a lot more time and mental energy to dedicate to some other things abrewin' right now....

There are still a few more days of limping along. August 11th will be the official last day.

After that, I'm sorry, I think I'm going to have to bug you all here with stuff I would usually post over there (along with the usually b*tching and moaning, of course). I've got it in my system.

Maybe I'll add a special page or something. Can you do that in Blogger?


michelle said...

Sorry to hear that FN is being retired. Yes you can add an additional page to a blogger blog. You would do it via your settings tab...glad to help if you need more infomation...just email me (Michelle) at mkdsmall[at]gmail[dot]com

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I'll miss FN, and I think they're dumb.

I'm glad I'll still be able to catch you here!

DE Mommy said...

When are you testing?!?!?

m said...

@Michelle - thank you!!

@Lori - thanks so much. I'll miss it too. I'm trying to stay positive and not say anything to nasty about them. It was a good gig while it lasted but it was becoming pretty apparent to me that quality content was not the primary aim of the company. I think right now, I would rather be here with my homies.

@de mommy - not until next Tuesday, the 5th! Argh!

Anonymous said...

Well, I think this blog is great. Keep it up. Can't wait until you test. Thinking of you.

stacyb said...

oh. that sucks. FN has lots of great information. i've been down that "it's great but we can't get ad revenue" road before. yuck. it's always the good content that gets the cut.

Sorry to hear that M.

Anne said...

FN is a great resource. If you can keep it going, a lot of people would benefit from it. I'm just coming out of lurkdom to tell you I'm rooting for you.

anne @

The Quoibler said...


As you know, I loved FN and had so much fun with our project over the winter!

Personally, I think my blog's days are numbered, too. Niche blogs are tough to keep afloat, I'm discovering. You'd think they'd be easier because they'd attract a certain crowd, but the crowd doesn't always equate to $$$.

Hey, we can still have coffee and bitch and moan, right? :)


Lollipop Goldstein said...

That absolutely sucks. Do they know how many people were also subscribed via Reader and other feeds-type-things? I am so sorry.