Wednesday, July 2, 2008


For some reason, I had in my mind that I had the entire month of July to get ready for the next FET. A full month to lose weight, get all yoga-fied and fit, fall into an acupuncture routine, visualize a big belly, you know, get ready.

It seems my calendar skills are off. Way off.

Got a call from our New Nurse yesterday afternoon (sigh, we finally had to say goodbye to Nurse, whose skills are needed for the "fresh" egg donor recipients that seem to be flooding the RE) to tell us that all systems were go and that we were ready to begin the routine - have some estrogen, have a little more estrogen, ok, now double that, now come over so we can wand your woo woo and see if your lining is responding. If so, pull out the big guns and begin your new and improved double dosage of progesterone, complete with, drumroll please, suppositories!

Ok, I'm making fun, but we really are excited about this cycle. Only, it's going much faster than I anticipated.

What?!?! Is that a woman trying to conceive who is actually complaining about something going too fast? Will the irony cops please respond? (and while you're at it, call in the italics police, this lady's going a little crazy...)

Luckily, I meet with my acupuncturist this afternoon. I am hoping we can ramp up our appointments to coincide with the shortened time frame. I have a whole week of vacation to look forward to next week, which seems fortuitous given that we are now looking at a transfer as early as the 18th?!?!?

My gosh. That calls for some beach time.

I originally scheduled the vacation to help prepare for this other big thing in my life that I'm trying to accomplish. (I'd link to something here if I weren't paranoid). Let's just say it involves a series of exams, government employment and the ability and desire to travel. A lot.

And yes, I do think that can happen with a maybe baby.

Plenty of time to talk about all of this later. Right now, I have some meditation to do.


annacyclopedia said...

Good luck with both the baby project and the other thing! Exciting that things are moving so quickly, even if it is a bit of a surprise.

Anonymous said...

Hee, you are being coy. (And smart.) I'm glad things are happening fast for you, since they are for us too!

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I think my husband went through the same thing. It involved exams, languages, a trip to Wash DC (or other places), and a certain openness to lots of possibilities.

Good luck on all fronts!

Sarah said...

Good luck with the everything!

After every I also tell myself it is time to get fit before I start the next one...unfortunately two weeks to a month is never enough time to really get me motivated...not sure there is a right amount of time now that I think about it! :)

Drowned Girl said...

I think in the waiting time anything seems possible and as it gets closer the fear of failure starts to nag at us.

I hopoe with all my heart this works for you.

It was our July FET that worked for us last year.


Kami said...

LOTS of luck to you!

JenM said...

Good luck! It's hard when things sneak up on you, but it sounds like you'll be ready.

stacyb said...

hi M! just cathing up and WOW hotdiggity...did i just write that?...anyway very excited for you things certainly are speeding along.

wonder what your future plans are, they sound super sweet indeed.

stacyb said...

hi m...not sure if the other comment went through so i'm trying again....WOW and hotdiggity...yes i wrote that...just really excited and happy for you and your husband that things are speeding along.

very very curious about your future possible job...

Sherry said...

M - Just stopped in to say best of luck with this cycle. Have one of my own I'm working on - hoping for the best for both of us!