Monday, July 28, 2008

My Girl Wants To Ea-at All The Time....

I hope I've drilled the Eddie Murphy/Rick James song into your consciousness. I shouldn't be the only one to suffer with that stuck in my head.

Mean. I know. Sorry.

But honestly, I am eating like a fiend. Girl, I am hungry! Every time I turn around I am walking to the kitchen to see what else I can stuff in my face.

Despite this, I've dropped several pounds since pre-transfer. You could make a mention the high calorie count of high quality beer and suggest that I am enjoying some weight loss due to my weeks of teatotalling.

Or you could just keep that to yourself.

Let's be serious for a minute. Could this be a good sign? I hate speculating, but you really can't help it, can you? There will be no peeing. We went through that before. We won't be doing it again. So, we'll be good eager little wanna be parents and wait for the beta. But don't worry, we'll still over-analyze every feeling and non-feeling for signs of meaning. Relevance. Significance.


In the meantime, I am going to see if I have any tomatoes left. I needs me a mid-afternoon snack.


Anonymous said...

Too funny...
I also went through a FET (but a few days before you...I discovered your blog as I was laying around for the first 24 hours resting). Anyway, I can say the exact same thing - I am eating alot more...yet I have lost weight. Whatever it means, I am enjoying it. My beta is Thursday.

Kami said...

Not sure if it is a sign, but I figure anytime you can eat more and lose weight should be considered good times.

Wishing you a successful pregnancy from this one!