Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have really been looking forward to this morning.

And now, I'm so happy and relieved with the news I received: 1.) Daisy has a BFP!!! This is just the coolest. Not like I've ever met Daisy in person, but our cycles have been cosmically connected ever since she and I both had canceled cycles followed by 2 rounds of BFNs. Daisy took some time off and now....well, now I am hoping she joins me in twinland. 2.) the seedlings are great. As you know, I've been needing some reassurance. And I got that this morning.

At the doc's this morning, I had my first experience with a doppler, which found one heartbeat right away. Strong, fast, loud! Maybe I got a little teary. But then we searched and searched and searched a little more and couldn't locate a second one. I think the nurse saw me getting anxious and said, "forget about this. Let's go get an ultrasound!" I could barely eek out, "yes. please. can we?"

The room was free and I went inside to fret just a bit before the NP came in. We gelled up, moved the wand around, and then saw two big headed bodies - one getting kicked in the head by its sibling.

But don't worry. Not for long. They were both moving like crazy! Flipping, spinning, and um, kicking. Each other. How can I not feel that? The nurse pointed out the arms, the legs, the spines, the heartbeats....no pee pees yet, but Nurse confided that she had decided the primary kicker was a boy.

But maybe she doesn't know how feisty us ladies can be.


Anonymous said...

OMG! That's SO cool! =) I totally would have been sobbing all over the place! In a good way, but still. =)

So when do you start to feel stuff? When can you see if there are pee pees? AHHHHH! I'm going to have to do some quality Google time and head to the bookstore tonite!

Did I mention I keep finding the COOLEST gear for the twins? =)

How cool is that? You're having twins! =) Not like this is new, but this does make it pretty real, doesn't it? =)

You can go to that awesome cool Twin Festival in Ohio! =)


Sarah said...

Hey, I am so glad you got to see them! Oh gosh, oh gosh.

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so happy for you!!!!!!!


Amy said...

Yay for awesome ultrasounds! We got to see some crazy kicking last week and I was baffled that I couldn't feel it. I know they're all tiny and stuff, but some mad things are going on in there!