Thursday, May 7, 2009

Two Minute Post

  • I'm fine. Souped up on estrogen after the last hysteroscopy, but fine.
  • Hysteroscopy findings: little piece of scar tissue up in a corner and my lining (endometrium) was apparently super thin. (No shit, sherlocks. You told me to stay undrugged until the procedure. No drugs = no lining. That's how I do.) So, looks like we're taking a crash course of E. (8 mg a day?!?) to see how thick we can get it. Eyes are buggy. Cooch feels funny, but whatever. Next check: May 21.
  • Birthday was good. Any other year, it would have been fantastic, ranking among the top 5, but, well, the whole "go out and have a good time" we still haven't quite mastered yet when we are by ourselves. Note to self: surround ourselves with friends whenever possible.
  • DID go have a mojito for Angie AND took a stroll around the Reading Terminal Market, as suggested. Thanks so much for your great advice. We knew exactly where to start our adventures.
  • Budget season has begun in PA - working OT to make sure services to children and adults with autism or developmental disabilities aren't gutted. Fine tuning funding requests, honing our arguments, making the rounds, trying to keep our members on alert, but not panicked. Active, but still focused.
  • Went to work today without brushing my teeth or making our bed. My fault. Crashed back asleep after M. left for work and didn't wake up until I got a crisis email from my boss. Luckily, I work (literally) across the street.
  • If I sound rushed/frazzled/amped on caffeine, its because I am. But that's ok. I'm in a zone. Just don't tell M. about the caffeine part.


FET Accompli said...

Thanks for the update - things sound hectic!

Cara said...

Ahhhh...I think we are living in a similar whirlwind today!

hang in there

Smiling said...

thanks for the update.. I have my fingers cross on the funding side too! My whole life seems to revolve around those funding issues, but I am too focused on my clinical work and huge waitlist to do much directly to help with the funding side of things. I know I say it here often but THANK YOU for doing the work you are doing.

good luck with the E too!

still life angie said...

i'm glad that someone had the mojito, but would be dishonest not to admit that i wish we could have had that one together. xo

Bluebird said...

So sorry you're so frazzled, but so glad to have your update! Always thinking of you :)

Mo said...

hey m,

glad to see your update. thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to stop by our blog. good luck with all your life tasks!


Anonymous said...

Wishing we were all having mojitos...bloody well need them with all the MD hype. Much love.

Kami said...

I'm thinking of you today.