Saturday, March 26, 2011

The ABCs of Me (borrowed from Loribeth)

Happy Saturday. I'm entertaining myself for the day now that I've dropped M off at a far less fun location. Chilling at a St*rf*cks waiting for the Ikea to open. Despite the annoying chatty mommies next to me (yes I drop my kid of with his own food each day but it's not because I don't trust them....I'm not as bad as that other mom....) and the couple planning their wedding with their photographer that are just far too fresh faced for my jaded self, I can certainly think of worse ways to spend my morning.

Ikea, you are in my sights. Soon, your bins and aisles of goodness shall be mine.

In the meantime, I could kick out some work tasks, or.......

I could spend some time with yins. I saw this over at Loribeth's Rood Less Traveled and it made me smile. So I thought I'd give it a go. I think you should to.

A. Age: 36. Shit.

B. Bed size: King. A treat to ourselves in the midst of our fertility madness. It is so luscious I am far less inclined to spend the night elsewhere.

C. Chore you dislike: laundry. doing the dishes. vacuuming. Was I supposed to choose one?

D. Dogs: None that live with us. 3 that we adore: Jeter, Ali, Sophie. Standard poodles. Silver, black, white. 2 girls. 1 boy. Their unconditional love and lack of expectations got us through our darkest days. Jeter's getting older. Don't mention his age or you will see a grown man get teary in public places at the thought of him not being here.

E. Essential start to your day: sleepy morning full body hug from M.

F. Favorite color: orange.

G. Gold or silver: neither, but I do like big jangly things, things on leather ropes, earthy, jewel-ly, anything my pal S.S. gets me

H. Height: 5'5" I swear. Don't listen to M.

I. Instruments you play(ed): bass guitar. briefly. Very. I taught myself scales, a couple of Pixies riffs and that was about as far as it got.

J. Job title: Communications Director

K. Kids: Isobel. Jovita. And I wish they were here.

L. Live: in an apartment that I love in a small city, overlooking the river that almost did me in.

M. Mom’s name: MaryAnn

N. Nicknames: lots

O. Overnight hospital stays: splenectomy, gall bladder removal, birthing the girls. There may be more but that's what I can remember right now. Pretty sure they wanted to hospitalize in Poland when I had walking pneumonia but I said no flipping way.

P. Pet peeves: lots. I mean, lots. People that walk around with their mouths open make me crazy. What's up, dude? Catching flies?

Q. Quote from a movie: meaning, one that M and I quote and re-quote on a near daily basis? Easy:

R. Righty or lefty: Righty.

S. Siblings: Younger brother I grew up with. Twin 18-yr old bio brothers I am just getting to know.

T. Time you wake up: 6:45 am. Unless I'm meeting A. for a run, then 5:50 am.

U. Underwear: these. One in every color and then some. They rock.

V. Vegetables you don’t like: brussel sprouts. But maybe I've just never had them made other than boiled into mushy submission.

W.What makes you run late: Good question. And one my husband asks me every. day.

X. X-rays you’ve had: teeth, head, chest, pelvis, knee. If CT and bone scans count then there is no part of my body someone hasn't seen inside out.

Y. Yummy food you make: ahem, I don't mean to brag, but um, I'm a pretty awesome cook. And Isa Chandra Moskowitz is my new goddess and inspiration. Our repertoire has taken an awesome vegan turn. My specialties include: vegan pizza/flatbreads; burritos (homemade tortillas and guac, of course); dips of every color and kung pao anything-in-my-fridge.

Z. Zoo animal favorites: none. Not a big zoo gal, but drop me off at an aquarium and I will walk around with my mouth open for hours. Ooooh....

See? It's fun! Now do it! (and tell me so I can sneak a peek into your great lives.)


Nadine said...

Brussels sprouts, gross to me until recently, roasted with garlic and olive oil, seriously fantasatic. Especially with hummus, my favourite meal, roasted sprouts and hummus!

LJ said...

I freaking LOVE Jay & Silent Bob. Have you listened to their podcast?

still life angie said...

Love learning more about you. xo

Danielle said...

Love your list (also love that underwear and may have to buy some!). If I had a blog, I'd ABC right back at ya.

Hope's Mama said...

Oh Jay and Silent Bob. Classic!
Loved this!

Musicmakermomma said...

Fun post! I'll have to try it. It will distract me from my relentless pessimism!

B's Mom said...

I'm going to do this! Love your answers.

bibc said...

i loved reading about you. i did it

loribeth said...

I always turned my nose up at brussel sprouts as a kid. Maybe it was the smell while they were cooking. But I had them a couple of years ago, & actually quite liked them! Never say never... ; ) Thanks for doing this!

Unknown said...

Wait, you get a full body hug every morning? Do you know how lucky you are? Damn, that's awesome.

m said...

See?!? I knew there was a world of brussels sprouts I have yet to find.

And a Jay and Silent Bob podcast?? Shut the front door! Searching for it now...

And Kristy, most definitely, yes. When it comes to M. I am a lucky, lucky girl.

luna said...

homemade vegan cooking is always impressive. tortillas too? mmm.

yes yes yes to the roasted brussel sprouts with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. if you want to be crazy, you can add them to roasted yukon gold potatoes too (which take a little longer to roast). I also love chopped pecans thrown in at the end. seriously scrumptious. it will rock your world.