Sunday, March 20, 2011

Before I Forget....

Time for a mind dump:
  • banking fertility
  • lettuce wraps and cheeseless pizzas = I am the bomb
  • job interviews = or perhaps I'm not
  • Japan and loss and needing a narrative to pull oneself through catastrophe = this makes sense to me
  • the horror in knowing that my government doesn't think I have enough brains in my pretty little head to be entrusted with my own health care decisions = this makes no sense to me.
  • A horrific local tragedy, an outpouring of support from around the world and why it drives M to the brink when we read/hear/watch the latest piece of the story when its on the news/paper/radio (I'm getting riled just thinking about this right now, which probably points to me as horrible person but I have my reasons. I'll get into it later)
  • new babies, healing hips, hopeful surgeons and generally decent news on the family front
These are the things I want to talk about with you. As soon as I can come up for air. Working outrageous hours, along with most of my co-workers. Because our boss forgets we are two people down, the people remaining are ALL dealing with some significant health care issues within their immediate families and that we were overextended even when we had some extra bodies. Every time I don't fly into an exasperated rage when I get an email from her, I give myself a little invisible gold star.


I enjoyed the sunshine today. Which tells me that at least I have come a little way from where I was mentally this time last year.

And holy hell I forgot that tomorrow is my remission anniversary until right now this minute.

23 years, bitches.

and by bitches I mean those rotten little mutated cells that decided to wreak havoc on my body and now want to have a go at my dad.

Fuck you, cancer. Still standing.


These gorgeous beauties finally arrived by mail this week. I finally had a chance to stomp around in them today. Do you love them? I love them.

I sang this song and did my dance as we took my in-laws' poodles for a walk this evening and three people and three dogs stopped and looked at me as if I'd gone mad.

But look, I swear to g*ddess, I didn't make it up. See:


Nadine said...

Love the boots(docs have come so far!). Sorry to hear of the local tragedy, it didn't make the cdn news. Hope the interview wentnwell and yea to 23 years! You go girl.

Ps- had no idea you were so close to Canada, don't know if surrogacy is even still on the spectrum of life, but would be cheeked up know where I am if you want to chat

bibc said...

just know that i have been thinking of you and i hope that things on the home front are a little gentler.

TracyOC said...

I want to hear about all of these things (or whatever else you write about).

And...23 years!!! Woo-hoo!