Monday, April 4, 2011

Perfect moment Monday - the forest gump edition

M sent me a message on Thursday that started out simply enough: "My co-worker's doing this on Sunday and wants to know if you do too?"

That something was an inaugural 10-mile race whose route just happened to go past the trees (twice), along my usual running route and in front of my apartment (twice). Hmm....

Checked the forecast - gorgeous day in store. Checked the registration - $40 and goes to a local arts group. I can do that. Weighed the pros and cons in my mind for a few minutes. And said sure, why the heck not?

Oh wait, just one thing. I have NEVER ran ten miles before at once. Like, ever.

M replies, "She says if you run 7-8 miles regularly you can do it."

Well, define regularly. I think a 7 mile run has happened. Maybe twice. But whatever. On Friday morning, still pumped from our AMAZING DOUBLEHEADER DODGEBALL WIN THE NIGHT BEFORE WHICH VAULTED US INTO THE SEMIFINALS, I clicked on the Register Now button and there you go.

I was far more calm for this race than any of the 5Ks I've entered. Simply because my plan was to finish. That's it. I confessed to another friend who was running it that I planned to get to mile 5, drop down to a walk, hope for a second wind, then pick up the pace again. Maybe. Worst case scenario, I would drop back and walk home. She looked at me in all earnestness and said, "Don't stop. Just don't stop."

And I didn't.

I have to admit, the pace was quick. I confirmed this with M's co-worker, a much better runner than me, post-race. But I am at the point where I actually know my comfort zone. I kept to it. Despite the throngs passing me on both sides. I looked up at mile 2 to see a shivering M on a bench by the trees waiting to cheer me on. What??!? Up and around and back again and what? Mile five? Already? And at a better pace than I was hoping for. Well, shit. Let's just keep going, shall we?

I have to say, mile 6 was brutal. Along my normal river route but into a headwind that I swear was 15 mph if anything. I could feel windburn on my face and my knees start to get sore and oh look there's a nice little incline up there.

But I didn't stop.

And thank goddess, because at the top was M! Again! With his co-worker's hubby, who had hustled over to this spot to cheer us on again! Over and around and now over a mile-long bridge and back again. Did I mention this #$%$ headwind? But look! Mile 7! Mile 8! Wait. Is it possible that I am actually going to DO THIS??

Back onto to solid ground and some brief respite from the wind, then back across the walking bridge to the island where we started. And look, its the cheering section again. These boys hustle. This time M's co-worker was with them (did I mention she's pretty fast?) so I knew there wasn't much more to go. As soon as I saw the finish line, I sprinted! I still had a little gas left in the stove so why not? I passed four people and I could hear M hooting over my earbuds.

Finished at 1 hr. 54 seconds and something.

And it felt so good.

M and friends came over for showers and snacks and some post-race glowing. Then we headed over to his parent for some Sunday papers and poodles and adv*l and ice packs. Then back home for, don't laugh, WRESTLEMANIA. And if you follow me on FB or the twit machine you know this is an irony-free zone. It was awesome.

And as I sat on our new couch with ice on my one knee and the other getting rubbed by my also-windburned hubby, watching Sn**ki do a backflip and pin Michelle McCool in front of 70,000+ people I said to myself yes, this is a Perfect Moment.


TracyOC said...

Wow! This made me cry a little and cheer a little. 10 miles! Good on ya!

Also, have I ever mentioned that I went to see professional wrestling for my 12th birthday? (un-ironically, of course).

Sheri said...

I'm visiting from to check out your Perfect Moment.

10 miles is AWESOME! Just completing it is perfect...but add to that a fan club, and the fact that you beat the headwind. You are my new running idol!

I was just debating what cardio exercise I should do today, and your post makes me want to go out and run (although I wouldn't be quite as fast as you).

Thanks for sharing your Perfect Moment!

Nadine said...

You are awesome, totally awesome!

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I could not be any more impressed. Wowza -- kudos to you for signing up and for DOING IT. I think Nike should make you their new spokesperson.

And COOl on the dodgeball semifinals! You go, girl!

I love picturing the trees.

Pam @ The Journey Leads Home said...

AWESOME!!!!! I would never have even clicked the button to register. Good job, you!!!

I'm visiting from Lori's PMM. I just posted mine as well. Feel free to "jog" by and have a peek. :)

Happy Monday,


Sue said...

Amazing - I'm SO impressed. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic - and what I envy most is that you know (and can keep to) your comfort zone. I usually end up (5Ks only) running to someone else's pace and pooping out, which never happens when I run alone.

I've just started up again after over a year's inactivity, so your story has reinforced my determination. Well done you.

dana said...

serious high-fives...or a high-ten! awesome job!

Unknown said...

Good job!!! Like the wind, Forest, like the wind.

Barb said...

Awesome! I would love to do that! Loved how you wrote this.

Danielle said...

WOW!!! You rock! So impressed- and maybe even inspired to sign up for the 3.5 mile run I keep telling myself I can't do.

I was raised on pro wrestling.

jill said...

Woo!! Congratulations! :)

tireegal68 said...

I'm so inspired by you! How amazing are you?!!!
Now I need to hear about how you got to be a regular five plus mile runner and how I can do that! You did your sweet girls proud! And that M is a keeper for sure!

Two Shorten the Road said...

That is so freaking cool that you ran 10 miles. :)

m said...

Aww thanks ladies!!!

TracyOC - we've been to 3 live events so far. All awesome.

tireegal68 - here's the thing: I'm NOT a regular 5+ mile runner. 3 miles is my comfort zone. And I've been toying around with this whole half marathon thing. I figured I would NEVER up my mileage unless I had to. Thus the race. So I guess that's my recommendation - sign up for a race that is beyond what you usually run. You would be amazed at what you can do, I just know it.