Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2013 Running Dates, Maybe

chillin' w the seashore striders this December.
You guys, how awesome are you? Within a matter of days after this post, my calendar is filled with amazing suggestions for summer and autumn runs. I have committed to none of these yet. Believe me, Mandy, I hear what you're saying. I know I have no idea what's store for me. And no idea if/when any of these are possible. But I wanted to put them all together for you here. An easy reference for me and for you, if you want it. Because some of these races fill the day they are announced (ahem, Dogfish Head Dash and Hershey half marathon, I am pointing at you.)

June, July and August are filled with runs based in Delaware and hosted by the Seashore Striders. I really just cut and paste their schedule here. Because every race I've done with them (all two) has been fun. It's a tight knit group of runners. Lots of folks know each other. But don't let that intimidate you. All skill levels and ages here. And everyone is really friendly. I know we'll find ourselves at grandma's house a lot this summer. Who knows. I might pop into one of the walks if BBB is happy and occupied.

39 days until anticipated arrival.

Day 213 of running streak. But I confess to single mile days. Because the gym is boring. And its cold outside.

Nursery is packed. I mean packed with gear. Thank you, friends, family, internet buddies.You were right. We have everything we need. And then some. And then some more. Wow. Thank you.

So here's the list of possibilities. We'll worry about circling dates later. 

  • 11th - Mrs. Smith's Challenge - Lancaster, PA - I won't be running this year, but wanted to share because I love this run. Love it. Trail is lovely. running with all women is cool. The t-shirts rock. Order one size up.
June -
  • 6th - Bird in Hand Half Marathon - Bird in Hand, PA - I've heard this course is gorgeous. It rolls through Amish country. But be ready for the hills.
  • 8th - Harrisburg Half Marathon - Harrisburg, PA - super flat course. Awesome for your first one, or if you're looking for a personal record.
  • 8th - VA Women's Half - Fairfax Station, VA
  • 15th - Run Geek Run 8K - Washington DC
  • 29th? Dogfish Head Dash - Milton, DE - register in April!
  • 9th - Deja Vu Half Marathon - North Wales, PA
December - nothing yet.

January,  2014
  • Polar Bear 5K Trail Run - Lancaster, PA


Nadine said...

So I now crawl out from under my rock (I started school IN january and within a week I was completely swamped and big scary stuff happened personally). Which equals me not commenting.
Oh well, here is my very late, but with love, suggestions:

they're both in Niagra falls, which means travel for me and you rather than everyone come to me,
October 27, 2013 is the international marathon , you have to run from one country to another, how cool is that at all?
The other is June 2, Niagara Falls womens half marathon.

I'm sure others have said this but GET A STROLLER YOU CAN RUN WITH. Seriously, do it. Its awkward, but you have freedom to run when you want. AND most babies don't really like the stroller initially, they may cry and fuss, but if you don't pick them up every 5 seconds they get used to it. My 2 did/and still do, fantasatic in strollers, I got them into the stroller every single day from the day they were home and they fussed a little, I would talk to them, but, I didn't pick them up.
(my neighbour did the opposite and its impossible for me to run with her as shes stopping every 2 seconds to fuss at a 2.5 year old as he is still awful in the stroller).

m said...

Welcome back, Nadine! And thanks for the suggestions! Running from one country to another sounds crazy cool. Looking into it now. And dm'ing you in a sec. Hope you're ok...

Smiling said...

what a great list... and if you do get stuck at the gym, there is the dance/colorful shoes option to liven things up...

counting down with ya... :)