Friday, February 1, 2013

Map My Run - No Really!

my soon-to-be-replaced shoes
Last year, even before I started this crazy Streak, a very cool woman that I met through this space invited me to come and do my first half-marathon with her, up in her neck of the woods. [Looking at you, N.] That would have been awesome.

While the scheduling didn't work out  (damn you, work), the idea hasn't lost its appeal. I would LOVE to run with my blog buddies.

If you think I'm batty, don't worry. I have no assumption that the Streak will continue once BBB is here. I know things will be hard, and will get harder before they get easier, and that I will barely be sleeping, let alone walking in a straight line, let alone running.Once BBB arrives, he is my world. His needs are my needs. At least until we get this whole living together thing figured out.

And then I am fairly certain there will come a time that I might like to shake off my shoes and go outside for a jog. Maybe with BBB. Maybe without. I also know nothing motivates me like a circled date on my calendar. Especially one that I've had to pay for.

So I'm wondering: does anyone have any races in mind for autumn? Any trail runs that are calling you? Any half marathons that sound like a blast? Forget the tough mudders, the warrior dashes, the zombie runs....that's not my type of hype. Running itself is a challenge for me. I don't need chased, or electrocuted, or to be made "undead" to hike up the thrill. But your nice, everyday 5K? Yeah, I'm down with that. A 10K all-girl trail? Oooh, mommy like.

I'm based in Pennsylvania, but I wouldn't mind a little drive. Especially since I've pretty much done my own town to death. Paying $25 to step over the same goose poop and sidewalk cracks I dodge for free on my own morning run is getting a little old.

I already have some potential events in mind, and I'll share that schedule with you here - once I see that I'm not full of shit and that my running days aren't over once my dream running partner actually gets here.

Tell me - where are you running this year? Would you like some company?


Heather said...

Will you be coming to Minneapolis? :) There is a great 10 mile run that is part of the Twin Cities Marathon on the first Sunday in October. Weather here can be 40's-70's at that time of year, but it is nearly always during the peak of fall colors and the route along the Mississippi River is beautiful. It's a popular race so entry is granted by lottery. The marathon is easier to get into, but I don't think I'm up for that level of training. At least not yet. Maybe next year.

I'll try the 10 mile lotto and would like to do another half marathon with a few 5 or 10k's mixed in. I might be visiting my sister who lives in the Virginia/WashingtonDC area next fall and I'd love to sign up for a race with her.

I'm thinking both of these locations are a little outside of your road trip range?

Someday I'd like to do the Pittsburg Marathon as the bridges would provide wonderful sightseeing to this engineer.

Jenna Hatfield said...

I'm new and don't know where you live.

Columbus, OH has an autumn race. I'm running the Cleveland Half in May and, if it goes well, I may run the autumn half in Columbus, too.

Regarding the above commenter, I hope to run the Pittsburgh half (a May race) in 2014. I need to start with slightly less hilly races (Cleveland is almost all flat, minus a slight incline at the end). Pittsburgh is my hometown and I desperately want to run it, but I live in Ohio now and am working on starting here!

Sandy Cohen said...

How about

I'd love to meet him!

Annie H.

About Bernadette & Duane said...

Im in baltimore. Baltimore has its huge marathon/half/relay/5k in oct. You have me seriously contemplating pulling out my own running shoes. Thanks for the inspiration! Bernadette

Notorious BIB said...

Yes! How about the Virginia Happy Trails' Women's Half Marathon:

It's an all women's race in Northern Virginia. Great spirit AND, this year, fresh smoothies at the end.


the Baltimore Half in October. It passes three blocks from our house and you and the fam are welcome to crash here the night before.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

m said...

@Heather - Minneapolis is probably too far of a hike this year. But in the tickler for the future. I've received some great suggestions for VA/DC this fall so let's definitely keep in touch. I've heard really great things about the Pittsburgh marathon. One of my Board members runs marathons and this is one of his all time faves. Great vibe, friendly neighborhoods, lovely architecture, for sure.

@Jenna - hi Jenna and welcome! Good luck with your upcoming races. Ohio is doable, but not this spring. Again, putting it in the folder....

@Sandy - whoa! This looks fun!

@Bernadette - more great ideas. And you're welcome. Baltimore seems to have such a robust running scene. True, or just my imagination? I get some of the charm city emails.

@BIB - oh girl. These both look awesome. Let's talk more when I see you. SOON!

Two Shorten the Road said...

How about the Leesburg (Va) Halloween 5K? You could do a theme costume with the little guy. :)

I'd say I'd run with you but you'll leave me in the dust. However, I would totally run behind you - waaaay behind you - and meetcha at the end. :)

Unknown said...

I was training for a half when I got pregnant last time. I had a date circled too.. just be careful. It took me so much longer to get back to where I was than I had expected. If I had paid for that half and missed it, I would have felt like a failure. It wasn't a lack of training or dedication that caused me to miss it- my body just took longer to rebound.
Best of Luck!

Nadine said...

I posted above too, because ye know like I explained I dropped off the universe.
The only race I'm actually signed up for is the harry spring run off in april, it's an 8k in high park toronto.

My calendar is pretty open though, I want to do a full in the fall (if I find the time to run?). Considering the niagra falls international race at the end of october, run from canada to the US? Pretty cool.

Nadine said...

@Mandy - ah... have you read this blog? As someone who has worked with a surrogate we tend to get sensitive (probably not the author, she's a nicer lady than I) about comments like that ESPECIALLY WHEN OUR BODY ISNT GOING TO NEED TO REBOUND!!

Oh, and get a running stroller! Get out there and start walking with her asap.