Thursday, August 30, 2007

Do You Have That in Blue?

Our donor seems to be responding to the new protocol, showing an estradiol level of 119 - right on target (between 100 and 200 is the norm). This time last cycle, she was showing a level lower than her baseline of 37. This time last cycle was when flags started to turn red and eyebrows started to raise. Things seem to be different this time.

If my post seems overly calm, its because I can't let myself think this is going to work just yet. Just in case it doesn't. Talk to me tomorrow after her first ultrasound. If there are more than just a few follicles then I just my let my joy get the best of me.

You know, drowned girl had an omen before her successful (and then some) transfer. Perhaps this is mine?


stacyb said...

ok...i'm going to check back later today on the ultrasound. great that your donor is responding better this time around.

thanks for your supportive post to me.

Drowned Girl said...

I hope it's a good omen too.


daisy said...

Yeah!!! I will be looking for the US results.