Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Strangest. Dream. Ever.

Any analysts out there?

I woke up this morning completely out of sorts. Why? Because in my dream I had just birthed 4 little mice.

Out of my right nostril.



Allformybaby said...

Well, they say you are everyone and everything in your dream. Start there. HTH!

Anonymous said...

I think it is probably an accurate prediction of what will happen.

m said...

hardy har! VERY funny. :-)

daisy said...

Good Lord that would scare any therapist from here to the Mississippi!

Was it a sneeze-birth or a nose-section? You didn't nurse them too? Thanks, I needed a laugh.

Kami said...

No solutions for you, but I enjoyed the laugh.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

You got me curious, so I looked it up. From dreammoods.com:

"To see mice in your dream, symbolizes domestic problems, business loss, deceit, and insincere friends. It represents minor problems in which you are spending too much time dwelling on.

"To see your own nose in your dream, signifies a conscious effort to achieve whatever endeavor you chose to undertake. The nose represents energy, intuition, and wisdom. Alternatively, the nose symbolizes curiosity. You dream may suggest your need to learn more about a situation at hand.

"To dream that a bug or insect is coming out of your nose, indicates that you are being nosy to the point where it is "bugging" and bothering others. You need to learn to when to get out of people's business and respect their privacy."

Probably not much of this actually fits.

The dream is hilarious!

m said...


That was awesome.

1. I AM spending way too much time getting worked up by work, particularly a new set of young 'uns there who think its ok to wear flip flops in the office and other annoying Gen Y stuff. It's petty and ridiculous, and yeah, I should really just not dwell on it at all.

2. I NEED to know when my next cycle will start. If constant calls to my nurse counts as curiousity, count me in.

3. See note 1.

wifethereof said...

I'm not even going to touch that one. :-)