Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Will She Ever Stop?

I am a blogging machine.

What is this, the third post today before noon? Ridiculous. But I have news.

We go tomorrow to look for a new donor at our clinic. If we find someone we like, we'll stick around. If not, I'll brush off my tango and start sharpening my incisors to handle all that Argentinian beef.

I am hopeful and excited. Where are those darn emoticons when you need them?


Happy said...

I came here through wifethereof...hope you don't mind if I follow your journey?

m said...

Are you kidding? Welcome! The more the merrier.

Kami said...

GOOD LUCK! I hope you find a donor you like - and she can help you out!

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Blogging and commenting IS helping others! No reason to blush.

stacyb said...

ok i agree, you are a blogging machine...just catching up with all your updates. lots to catch up on and it's been less than a week since i stopped by last.

good news that you are going to look for a donor today!

i am hopeful and excited for you too!

as for the nomination...well i with there was an emoticon for blushing with thanks....thanks for reading and being supportive, it means a lot.

daisy said...

Best, best, best of luck. You never know who might jump out and say "Pick me! Pick me! I'm your gal!" Love and hugs,

Knock Me Up said...

My SB and I are also looking at Argentina for DE. Have you talked with the clinic there? Did you discuss how the donor is picked? When I was reading up on it it seemed like they pick the donor for you based on photos of you and your partner not just on your physical traits. Do you know if you get input on picking the donor?

I hope you are able to find a donor you love. I'll follow along to see how your journey progresses.