Tuesday, September 4, 2007

With a Capital M

Who knew the Maybe in Maybe Baby was going to have such a long prologue and such a capital M?

Just returned from the clinic with no conclusive news. My lining is a little thin at 6.9, which I expected since I have only been on estrace a few days. So we'll probably up that dosage as soon as my blood work gets processed from the lab and we heard what my levels are. Meanwhile, donor's estradiol level was around 300 over the weekend. While they were hoping for closer to 500-600, its not the end of the world, or at least this cycle, at least not yet. She, too, is getting blood work and another ultrasound today. If there are follicles developing, will we continue the cycle towards retrieval and transfer?


Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

Hubby and I have been prepared for less than stellar news. Now the questions become: if there are fewer than average follicles, are we willing to continue or do we cut our losses now, end the cycle and go in search of a new donor? how few is too few? How many would it take to make it worth the effort, expense and emotions of continuing? How much is enough?**

No one said it would be easy, did they?

But, I have to keep reminding myself, as hubby does, that we are still further than we were six months ago. Because now we know what is possible. Six months ago, we were still thinking we could never ever have a child of our own. All that has changed. What remains to be seen is how far we are willing to go to do it.

**Dear sisters, I am very much interested in your opinions here. In fact, I am asking for them. If this were your (or your donor's) cycle, how many follicles would it take for you to give it the green light?


Anonymous said...

if it were me and i know infertility treatment is expensive, i'd say no less than 10 follicles. i say that because even after retrieval only some will fertilize, some may be immature and some may die. but, it's up to you and your husband. i wish you luck :). i know it's stressful. hang in there, *hugs*.

m said...

Thanks Jess, that's actually the number we had in mind as well. Which is why this time will be a no go. :( Posting about it in a second.

Knock Me Up said...

I would agree with Jess -- 10 follicles would be my minimum.

How much of the meds do they have the donor on?