Sunday, November 18, 2007

The First Snow

...of the season is falling as I type.

Meanwhile, I am finally recovering from a weekend long snot fest and hubby is now shivering in bed - looks like he is just about ready to begin his. FYI - I have a much higher tolerance for discomfort than him. Oh yes, and my bedside manner is much worse. I think we would both rather it be me that's the sicky.

Ah winter. I love it, but then again, I don't.


Kami said...

I have happily avoided see snow so far this year which is rather unusual for us.

As for being sick, I think Brad and I are both happier when it is him and not me for the same reasons.

stacyb said...

i've heard it said that the best way to get rid of a cold is to give to someone else...

my husband is the worst at being sick. he's much better as the care taker.

wish we had snow here -- at least it's finally cold.