Monday, November 26, 2007

Super Great News

Great News #1 - I start lupron December 5th thus marking the beginning of a new DE cycle. That's just a little more than a week away. Good lordessa, has anyone been so eager to begin a daily routine of needles and pins?

Great News #2 - Remember way back when I told you about this scholarship fund for young adult cancer survivors? And how the application involved all kinds of paperwork and essays and the like? Well, I just got off the phone with Sam from the SAMFund and it turns out I am one of this year's recipients!!!!

They received three times the amount of applications this year, which was completely unexpected. Their funding rate dropped from 60% to 38%. But luckily, thankfully, blessedly, I was among the 38%. The scholarship fund allows you to apply for up to $5000 for fertility-related expenses. I will (or rather, my clinic) will be receiving $2500!!! Just in time to help for this cycle.

What news. What great, great news. Happy Thanksgiving indeed.


stacyb said...

WOW!!!! i do remember way back when you told us about the scholarship fund and i remember your very moving essay. congratulations on being on of the recipients. That must feel really good.

And knowing you are starting your new DE cycle next week must feel terrific too! happy pin cushion!

daisy said...

Yeah!!!! Wonderful news! I knew it would be you. How could they NOT pick are awesome!!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Wow, that is fantastic!! That news couldn't have come at a better time!

I just went online and sent in my husband's information so that we'll get notified next year about the scholarship.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

That's great news -- both pieces!

I'm very proud of you applying for the scholarship. It's great, too, that you won, but applying was the great leap of faith.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear all the good news. Awesome!

Kami said...

Yeah!! That is great news! I can't wait to join you on the up coming ride!