Sunday, November 4, 2007

So this is what happens

When I go away for a few days. You're all pregnant!

Ok, I've known about Kami for a while, but Rae's announcement took my by complete surprise. This morning's perusal of some of my favorite blogs has left me smiling. Looks like you are all A-ok. Pam and Dmitri are days away from retrieval. Sweet Daisy is counting the days until her transfer, which coincides with Thanksgiving. WifeThereOf is transferring TODAY. Drowned Girl, Peep and StacyB are full of baby goodness. And H at Mi Historia is ready to pop any day now.

I've followed H's pregnancy so intently because her experiences seem to mirror mine. Childhood cancer survivor, never ever assumed that pregnancy was something that she could experience, until the concept and practice of egg donation matured and became a viable option. After a few scary moments in the beginning (in which I swear I cried as if it were happening to me), she and her mate are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their baby girl. I can only hope that our paths continue to parallel (minus the scary moments in the beginning).


Lisa said...

Thanks for the happy thought. I hope the next 40ish days go by quickly for you!

Anonymous said...

i like to surprise people. hell, i even surprised myself. *wink*
i can't wait for you to join me!!!