Saturday, November 17, 2007


First and foremost: thank you, ladies, for your sentiments and soothing words for my friends and my fears. They were very appreciated. And you are right. If I am lucky enough to get pregnant, I know that I will probably panic with every random bleed, bump, and belch. But I have to tell you how overjoyed I was to see that H had her baby this week. It's like a little beacon in the distance for me, letting me know that it can happen. Maybe even for me.

Now, on to the random.

I've been home sick since Friday morning. Actually, the sickness started mid-morning on Thursday. Snot started pouring out of my nostrils, sinuses started swelling and all has just now started to cease. This condition has given me ample time to start reading my current fem book club's selection and watch some movies with hubby.

The book is pedestrian. And that's being nice. It's not even chick lit; it's matron lit. Less like reading and more like being guided through a non-stressful sitcom or made-for-Lifetime movie starring Jean Smart or Carol Burnett or some other way-too-talented-to-be-doing-that woman.

So why am I reading it? Part of it is obligation. I am hosting the next Sunday gathering and it will probably be my last hurrah before beginning attempt #3 (which will really be attempt #1 if we make it to transfer). I also have a feeling that some other members will boycott this book entirely since it's not our normal kind of read. And the reason we chose this book in the first place was because it was suggested by a young woman in the group who hadn't suggested anything yet and it was suggested timidly and with a confession of "I'm not really sure it or I am feminist enough...." Which, of course, had our wine soaked selves guffawing and saying "oh no! sister!" Your book is the book we choose! We are all feminists! All books are worthy of a read!" I dutifully got it out of the library and started the chore.

But damn it if I'm not lapping it up like its candy. I'm 100 pages deep already and show no sign of stopping. It's hokey. It's corny. But I can see how one could find it inspiring or empowering, I guess. All I know is that my head hurts right now and its not making it hurt worse so I am all about it. And since I don't have to think so hard as I read it, my mind has been wandering to all sorts of feminist thoughts:

Do I lose all street cred if I confess to you that I love Carole King? I am listening to Tapestry right now and with every song I just want to say, "damn! now that's a woman." I nearly got into a fist fight with hubby when he suggested that she hadn't written one of the songs.

Is there anything funnier than Madeline Kahn's Lili von Shtupp in Blazing Saddles? How can her humor be so subtle and so over the top at the same time? Now that's a woman.

Are there women more mysterious than Persian women? Have a look and see what Josh Moore, an American basketball player who was temporarily playing in Iran, has to say and who he thinks really runs shit. Hubby turned me on to this blog (I count on him for my non-fertility internet news) and I love it. It is honest and sweet and offers perspective that one usually doesn't see.

So, there you have it. Some non sequiturs for your Saturday evening. Now, if you'll excuse me. I've got some reading to do.

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Big J said...

Thanks for the plug! Persian woman really are scary as hell lol

Merry Christmas