Friday, July 13, 2007

Call Me, Dammit

While I am sitting here waiting, waiting, waiting to hear if our donor has started to respond to her hormone cocktails (1 in 20 do not), I can fill you in on our yesterday.

First of all, why didn't any of you tell me the "ultrasound" was not at all the put-the-gel-on-her-belly-and move-a-little-scanner-over it ultrasound that I was thinking of? No! It is just a big ole dildo-looking contraption. Its a good thing my inhibitions have left long ago. I had no idea.

Friendly reminder: this whole trying to get pregnant thing is all new to me.

The ultrasound went fine. My lining is just a wee thinner (7.9) than they would like (8.0). Nothing that an increase in estradiol won't sort out.

During my mock transfer (mapping the course to my heart, well, at least my uterus, with the help of a thin catheter), we learned that my inside is just as curvaceous as my outside. With the help of a small clamp to pull my cervix on down (yowch!), doc had a clear path. Smooth sailing he said.

We are scheduled to return on Tuesday for another ultrasound and to place a small stitch into my cervix so doc can pull it into a preferable position for the transfer. That way, no trauma of a clamp or anything so intrusive on the day of the real deal. I appreciate that.

Give me a minute while I consider that someone is actually going to reposition my insides like a puppeteer with a marionette in order to insert embryos inside of me. Is that not amazing?

All of this, of course, hinges on the phone call that I am waiting to receive. Right about now. Any minute now.

If my donor has not responded to an increase in her meds, odds of calling off this attempt are high. If the clinic sees even an inkling that she has started to spark, we will continue down this path a little longer, only slightly delaying retrieval, transfer, all that good stuff.

My doctor was much more optimistic than we were yesterday. He reminded us that all women are variable and that it was unfair to use pie charts or lab percentiles to try and gauge how a woman would or wouldn't react. Just because our donor didn't have the average response doesn't mean that she won't respond at all. He suggested we wait a little longer before calling the whole thing off. At least until Tuesday.

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