Friday, July 18, 2008

A Change of Fortune

8.7 mm. Holla!

Since we last talked, I received a reassuring call from my Nurse, who again asserted that my uterus was lovely (blush, blush) and instructions to start taking 2 mg of my estrace vaginally. Yeah, just shove them up there. Being a good IF patient, I do anything my Nurse tells me. Stand on my head - sure. Turn around 3 times counterclockwise after drinking water - no problem. Stick pills up my cooch - why not.

So I did. The pill part, not the rest. And lo and behold, 4 days later (and a bit of bloating and cramping) my beautiful lining is now beautifully thick at 8.7 mm.


Nurse pulled me into a consultation room and we started mapping out the next few days right away. Progesterone begins tomorrow. Transfer is scheduled for Tuesday. Tuesday!!

Bonus: not only did I make the 10 am train, I had time to pick up some chocolate raspberry decaf and a chocolate muffin (don't tell hubby about that last one) for the ride home. AND made a few quick business calls (woo woo look at the multi-tasker....) that could result in some nice income for my employer.

Bonus Bonus: Since the FET is delayed, I actually can go out tonight to see my favorite local band with some of my favorite people without fear of smokiness and dancing affecting little ones newly placed inside. A last hurrah. Hurrah!


Nadine said...

glad that your lining is shaping up!

Kami said...

Way to go! Have fun on your night out.

Stacie said...

Yea for a great seems that everything is "lining" up for you! (hee hee) Keeping everything crossed for Tuesday.

michelle said...

What good new to kick off the weekend. Hope you enjoyed the band!

Anonymous said...

Oh, whoa! Great news! I'm so glad to hear this.

stacyb said...

Fantastic! Go M.