Friday, April 10, 2009


So there I was, stomping to Iggy Pop on the stairmaster this morning, thinking about Will and his towel-covered elliptical, reminding myself of chicklet's encouragement, trying to figure out why the heck nutmeg96 was in my dream last night and more importantly, why was she soothing me like a baby (for the record, it worked), and maybe, just maybe I was feeling a little sorry for myself.

I was trying to battle down a headache I woke up with and I chose stairmaster over elliptical this morning because I can actually feel heat rising off me and I wasn't up for generating much more. Yes, folks, you see, without the watchful care of BCPs, all the joys of menopause come hang out with me. I was stomping away, thinking about my body, Isa and Jovi, contemplating a blog post but wondering what it could be about besides woe is me...

And this guy (older gentleman) walks up and stands next to my machine. I pull out my earplugs and look at him kind of quizzically and he says,

"I'm sorry. I don't mean to interrupt your personal space. But you work so hard here. And I think you should go out and celebrate it."

And then he hands me not one, but 2 flyers for upcoming 5K fun runs/walks. One on May 2. One May 16.

"Think about it. At least 30% of the folks actually walk. It's not so much for the race, it's more for in here" And he points to his head.

And the paranoid me is thinking OMG was I just crying just then?? OMG does he know about us?? Did somebody tell him??? OMG Do I look like that much of a basket case??

And somehow I managed to say, "Thank you! Thanks very much." And take it for the compliment I think it was meant as.

So now I'm thinking, well, shit, I was just wondering if my tibia was sufficiently healed and talking with M. about getting back outside to run again...but could I do 5K?? Sure, it's not that far and I could always shift down to a walk. It isn't really a race, well it wouldn't be for the likes of me. But could I?

Kind of feels like now or never. Since a true flow never came this month, I'm waiting for lab slips to get faxed over to me. Bloodwork comes next. After that, another hysteroscopy and then I am sure a request for another BCP-assisted cycle, and that would bring us up until around the end of May, at least, before we think about an FET.

So I'm thinking about it. But mostly thinking, well, why the hell not?


Bluebird said...

Why the hell not indeed! I think that's awesome. It's hard to resist when something falls into your lap like that, you now? Oh, and your first paragraph totally cracked me up :)

Mo said...

exciting! I vote you give it a go : )


Anonymous said...

Awesome G! Go! Run! I hear your now or never. When I got the email for the workshop tonite I immediately said yes - I'm SO going! And so, I am! Same thing with my Middle Eastern Dance Class (which is Soooo fun!)

After all, what do is there to loose? And I think we all deserve a little celebrating!


Anonymous said...

I agree. Why the hell not?

Kami said...

I am with you! Why not? Enjoy it.

Mick said...

Go for it! You'll feel great afterwards.

(I'd never do it, mind you ;-) )

Nadine said...

I've been inspired by chicklet and all i can think is Why the hell not, I'm inspired, and I feel a lot better when I'm a healthy duck, so I talked to chicklet about her nike ipod running insperational thingy and needless to say, I will be getting it (I'm training for a 60K walk in september, so why the hell not?). Good luck.

Two Shorten the Road said...

There there now, dear. It will all be ok. ;)

I think a 5k sounds like a great idea.

Amy said...

I don't know if you're healed enough to run it, but if you are, do it. Running in 5ks just makes me feel alive and grateful and like I'm a powerhouse, even though it's not that far. The guy's's a head thing, and a heart thing, not so much a running thing.

chicklet said...

I doubt I even have to write what I'm gonna say, but dood, go do it! Really! It'll scare the hell out of you to register cuz it'll be real and you'll be committed, but it'll bring on a new dedication and new excitement that's oh so worth it! If some random guy at the gym already thinks you work hard, imagine what this commitment will do! You can do it!!!!