Friday, March 12, 2010


We interrupt all these good vibes for just a little bit of real life. [and some early morning revisions. See strikethroughs]

Things are a little stressy here in the M/m household due to a minor tiff at happy hour followed by a major technical meltdown of all things related to M's work that were part of the reason for said tiff (working off the clock, stress over performance yet no recognition, all that shit...) Oh there's more but that's the relevant part. Everything else you've heard before.

So, I did what any good wifey would do: I tried to console "nag, goad, challenge, butt in" as he is hovered over his computer (at home and off the clock) and when that did no good, I went to the kitchen, made myself a drink and tried to throw something together for us to eat.

Because, as Rally Burger (or some midwestern chain) says, "Ya gotta eat."

Well, while he remains stressy and the food is warming, here are some (slightly tipsy) insights into me based on my mp3 player turned loud and on shuffle:

Once upon a time, me and my bff S. wrote Ween the most loving and sincere fan letter you have ever seen. We may or may not have been completely fucked up. It may or may not have been in crayon because that was the only writing implement we could find. To this day, neither of us can actually remember whether or not we actually mailed it. To this day, Ween's Pure Guava holds some of the sweetest space in the "I did what?!?" category nearest to my heart.

Dear Gene and/or Dean Ween, did you ever get our letter?

I hope you did.

I will never not love the Afghan Whigs. My husband teases me incessantly about this. He says they're overwrought. Ridiculous. Tortured. Clown shoes. All I know is once upon a time it made my heart hurt to hear Greg Dulli howl, and when I hear them now, I remember what it is like to be young and semi-innocent and to think I actually knew what heartache felt like.

Dear Kate Nash, you came fifteen years too late. The first time I heard your songs in my earphones I laughed out loud. More like a scoff and a snort. Because I so get it. Now. And I have trouble explaining to M. how/why your lyrics resonate so deeply with me. mean so much to me. Because no one wants to talk about a former lover, do they.

I think if I were as cool as I thought I was, it wouldn't have taken me until I was 30 to know the Modern Lovers.

Dear Duffy, dear cute, tiny, adorable little Duffy, if I hung out with you in real life, odds are I would totally hate you. Your vulnerability, your willingness to admit it. Blech. But dammit, you've got some pipes. And some catchy tunes. And Bernard Butler has your back. So, so do I.

Liz Phair - get out of my head. Because you know me so well you seriously freak me out a little bit. Sometimes M says he's glad I never really discovered "Exile in Guyville" until after we met. "Because JFC you would be totally unbearable," says he. Possibly. All I know is that this is one CD I can go back to over and over and over and over again. In any mood. At any time. Liz and Galaxie 500, you are my go tos, you know that, right?

The Beastie Boys, sure they're goofy, but really, are they not awesome? Truly? Can you say that you have never ever rocked out to any Beastie album? They each have their own charm. Tonight I was loving some Pauls Boutique. And no. I'm no hipster. I'm way too old for that.

And lastly, before I go check in on the tortured one, Arctic Monkeys. you are drunk and irreverant. And smart. And smart asses. And ridiculously epic. And everything I wish my London years were. You are older beyond your years, which gives me a free pass to crush just a little bit on your Gen Y selves....

My drink is empty. It's way too quiet over there in M's office. I am sure there are one or more things burning.

I'm off to assess.


annacyclopedia said...

Can you please send me your address? Because I have a crayon-scripted fan letter I want to send you.

Seriously, dude, you are so cool. When are you coming over to my house? We can listen to Liz Phair and paint our toenails and share waitressing stories and finish off the peanut butter chocolate chip muffins I made this morning.

Anonymous said...

OK I feel seriously uncool. The only one of those I have ever heard of is Beastie Boys and that relates back to some angry time in my youth. Not sure if we are just a little isolated from the real world here in Africa, or if I'm too busy listening to yoga chants instead. Or maybe the verification word here xygnores is relevant...

m said...

anna, that sounds SO much better than the morning I think I have ahead of me (sleepless, stressy and sad - that describes my M). I would LOVE to come over. Where the heck are you these days?

I woke up in a slight panic this morning thinking (among other things) dear lord, what the hell did I write last night? But its garnered comments from 2 very cool ladies so my urge to delete has abated.

mash, seriously? how can you say you aren't cool when you are working on quantum energy back home? I think you get a bit of a free pass being all the way, way over there. I would definitely fail a test on S. African pop culture.

I skipped over my chakra breathing chants last night. They just weren't fitting the mood. ;-)

Lori Lavender Luz said...

One of our first dates was to a Ween concert.

You're a girl after my own ear.

m said...

Dear Luz, your husband is a lucky, lucky man.

Audrey said...

[Nodding] YES! Now, I can feel vindicated about still listening to the Afghan Whigs. Sometimes it is just the thing. My mind has lost so much but will never delete the image of a fan zine called 'Fat Greg Dulli.' If that isn't love, I don't know what is.

My first introduction to Exile in Guyville was a reading/recitation of the lyrics to 'Fuck and Run' in a poetry reading. Being a prude, I could not relate. But fancying myself a poet, I insisted on *appreciating* the art. [insert thoughtful chin rubbing here]

Lani said...

i can't believe i haven't read this post yet! did you know (did we talk about?) the fact that liz phair's EIG is my absolute #1 favorite album of all time? and i love almost all the others you mentioned as well. ween, beasties, so great.

was good to read this tonight and catch up on your blog. been awhile since i've read anything!