Monday, March 1, 2010

mind dump

I spent 3 days last week at a pretty intense class for a certification exam I am hoping to take later this year. One of the test tips they shared with us is the concept of a "mind dump," where you walk into an exam setting and immediately throw down on scrap paper all of the things and concepts you studied that you are afraid you are going to forget. Once that's all down on paper, you've addressed your anxieties and can actually focus on the exam and questions in front of you.

Brilliant. That's brilliant, right? So simple. Such a "I paid xx for that?" kind of common sensical approach to something a little overwhelming. But it is common sense if you never thought of it before? If I retain nothing else from the week, it is that tip (and M2M, V2V, SPIE and a ton of other mnemonics I hope I connect with the things they are supposed to help me remember).

Not that blogging is a test, but its been a while, I don't have time to write right now, but I'm tired of having the waaaah waaaah posts at the top of my screen. Rather than try to keep all of these "gotta write abouts" floating in my brain, I'm dumping here. I need space for other things.

In no particular order:

elevators, irresponsibility, sustainability, parallels, TH*N, purposeful vagaries, positive energies, separating love from tragedy, and jukeboxes.

More later.


myinfertilitywoes said...

you've got me intrigued!! :)

Bluebird said...

I love it. Hope that helped clear your mind :) And anxious to read whatever comes next.

stacyb said...

Thanks for dumping. That is some great advice. really.

Dani819 said...

Boy- I need to do that. Oddly enough, elevators are on my list,too.

jill said...

I agree, very good tip!

Anonymous said...

dump away! I like that idea and I hope it helps you in some way :-)


Anonymous said...

we all need to just dump sometimes.

Lani said...

always thinking of you. i need a good minddump too. may have to try that. xo