Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Running It Right

As I crawled out of bed this morning and perched on the couch next to an already dressed and ready M (our morning routine), he looked at me and asked, "Aren't you running in the mornings anymore?"

And at first I was annoyed (because that's how I am) automatically assuming M. was inferring I really should get my tubby ass out of bed and on the sidewalk because, well, you know, last night's pizza doesn't shake itself off, right?

But as you know, he's been down, so I kept my caustic tongue in my mouth and just shrugged and said "we'll see" as I gave him a kiss and sent him out the door.

And then I sat down and wrote this morning's quickie, and then I realized I was having a little trouble getting into the swing of things. I checked my calendar, saw I was uncommitted until about 10 am and said, Aw screw it. I'll run.

So I ran. And I realized I was having a pretty nice run. And that it is a beautiful day. Beyond beautiful. Cool breeze. Sunny, not scorching. And I said hi to the trees and damn they look great (funny how one is tall and thin, the other shorter and a little more, how shall we say, filled out? Both gorgeous. Both unique. Both thriving. Kind of like how I imagined...)

Anyway, I made it back in record time (for me). And excitedly sent a text to M. telling him he talked me into it. He replied, "that's great. You're always so much happier and livelier afterward."

Which made me realize that his hints this morning had nothing to do with my flabby bum, and everything to do with him wanting to shake the sulk. And wanting me not to fall into it. And wanting a helping hand to pull him out once I got my mind right.

I think I'm alright. Not all right, but alright. ;-)


myinfertilitywoes said...

Love this! Glad your hubby knows you so well & encouraged you! So impressed you got up to do it!! You're inspiring me now (which you have done in the past)!

Nadine said...

It's hard not to misinterpret isn't it? I too find myself thinking the same things, but, it's just that I am a happier person when I am fit and when I'm not (like now) I'm not so happy.

Bluebird said...

Are they dogwoods like our trees? I can't quite tell. . . it looks like it, maybe.

Thinking of you.

Kami said...

Do you think you could post a picture of how the trees look currently? I would love to see them.

Good for you for the run and the pick-me-up

jill said...

So glad you enjoyed your run :) I'm sorry to hear about the tough day for hubby last weekend - bleh. I'm thinking of you both.

m said...

@Kami - a great idea. I'll try to get a photo posted soon (they are okame cherry trees, Blue) Thank you for asking. xoxo

And @Jill - you were right about the race! I think my adrenaline pushed me 2 minutes faster than I've ran so far! Still a slug's pace, but still!